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We would very much welcome your help in understanding the requirements of our users and how we can improve the site. It is only with the help of people like you that I can build this site to meet the needs of the collecting community and those interested in the study of antique arms.

I really want to make the site as usefull and easy to use as possible so I would really appreciate your time in completeing the survey below.


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1. Type of user: Collector

2. Reason for visit : Identification
View other examples of a known type or by the same maker.
Dating and item
Research on marks or symbols
General browsing
None of the above

3. How successful was your visit: Very
Not very
Not at all
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4. What is your opinion of the following aspects of the site:    


  Very good     Good     Average     Poor  
  Makers section
  Accuracy of information
  Quantity of items
  Addition Resources/Utilities
  Gallery of patterns
  Navigation around the site
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5. Which area of the site should we focus on: Accuracy of existing descriptions
Adding unique models/patterns to the international Gallery
Adding more examples of every type
Research of makers
none of the above
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6. Have you paid to access the site: No
Yes. I believe it was NOT value for money.
Yes. I believe it WAS value for money.
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