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3200 Euro Restoration period GENDARMERIE ROYALE sabre
Sabre has a gilded brass hilt ( cracks on the bars), blade signed Coulaux Frères and blued and gilded blade marked GENDARMERIE (ROYALE, erased in 1830), lilie flower on the pommel, correct scabbard

Of large fighting proportions, this sword reiterates its purpose in the particularly high relief pierced decoration of military drums, flag splays and a cannon. The oval guard incorporates a shell splay front and back, in the increasingly popular rococo style. The guard arms are struck with London hall marks and the maker's mark of George Fayle (entered 1767). The date letter is indecipherable....

A fine example of a type which evolved about 1645 in response to changing social customs and swordsmanship and remained popular for about a generation. Called by collectors, pillow swords in recent years, they were more likely known to their owners as scarf swords. Norman discusses this and the method in which they were worn in The Rapier and Smallsword 1460-1820, page 186. Its contemporaries in N....

2,600 GBP very unusual 1788 pattern light cavalry sabre with a reticulated guard and a decorated ivory grip.
The reticulation can be folded so as to comply
with the pattern. The blade is approx 90 cms long (longer than usual) and
carries blue and gilt decoration for one third of its length that has
survived only in the smaller of the two fullers. Possibly unique.

£2,595 very good British military basket hilted trooper&#acute;s sword
A very good British military basket hilted trooper&#acute;s sword

A very good British military basket hilted trooper&#acute;s sword; 42 1/2&157; overall, 37&157; back sword blade with two fullers, one wide, one narrow, with long false edge. Glasgow style hilt, with four panels pierced with hearts, thumb ring, forward guard bars and narrow curled quillion. One engraved &#acute;T2 21&#acute; on ....

A very rare example of a Danish Light Cavalry Officers sword with a date on the blade of 1801 (1stBattle of Copenhagen) with original leather and brass scabbard.

80cm (31.5) slightly curved single fullered blade with flat back and hatchet point. The blade is double edged for the last 7 and has been combat sharpened. The blade is heavily engraved on both sides with the crowned Kalmar Union Bad....

££2550 London Silver Hilted Small Sword by John Carman II dating to 1754

Alban Arms & Armour | Fine Antique Arms and Armour | English & European Swords

££2550 Rare Late 17th Century English Officer's Gilt Hilted Broad Sword

A good, robust and functional late 17th century English officers' sword. The unconventional hilt identifies this sword as part a distinct and rare group notably illustrated in Cyril Mazansky's "British Basket-Hilted Swords", Boydell Press, 2005, (page 206, fig IIC1, page 213, fig IVB3, page 215, fig IVBC1). The hilt is of iron, originally covered with gilt all over....

££2550 Venetian Schiavona Dating to the middle of the 18th Century
A good example of a Venetian Schiavona dating to the middle part of the 18th century. The hilt is a good representation of the fully developed and distinctive design of the Schiavona guard, in good condition, without cracks or repairs.
The hilt consists of a complex trellis of delicately formed flattened bars with rounded and well finished edges. The curved rear quillon terminates in a globu....

££2550 Good Scottish Basket Hilted Backsword Circa 1740

A good Scottish basket hilted backsword from the second quarter of the 18th century. The fully formed basket is of bold manufacture and pierced with hearts, circles and engraved with angular border line decoration to the main front and side panel guards. The basket is built from well formed bars and the guard panels are cut with fretted edges consisting of squares and merlons. An oval ring, ....

A one of a kind (or bespoke) sword produced for an officer of noble lineage. The gilt hilt employs the four slot form guard with wavy outer bars and edges to the inner member. The pommel is a lion head of somewhat subdued attitude. The grip is one piece ivory with three concave oval escutcheons each side. Virtually all the original heavy gold overlay remains and the ivory is nicely toned with a fe....

Napoleonic period C.1780-90. Large proportions. The hilt with well modeled lion head pommel and integral back strap. Shell terminal quillon with back facing langets. The stirrup form knuckle bow with scalloped edges and struck inside with Lyon ( ) hallmarks. The grip wrapped in fine chevron pattern silver wire in the French taste. 30 3/4" broad and narrow fullered shallow curved blade with glossy ....

La Tene culture. A two handed sword with characteristic broad double edged blade with rounded tip. These were used for slashing or hacking only, not thrusting, which the broad section for the full length of the blade optimized, in the technique specific to the culture. 31" total length. Well forged with rectangular section tang and depressed medial stepped ricasso. Original arched guard which rest....

The iron hilt of this sword is encrusted in silver including a central motif of cherubs on a display of arms, suggesting that it was made for artillery officer, possibly of noble descent. The decoration is specifically English, and popular at the time. The blade decoration includes panels with LONDON, each side. The 26 1/2" blade reflects the then fashionable style of fencing which valued agility ....

The hilt decorated throughout in panels of swirls, radial splays and bordered beads. That relatively austere rendition is typical of its American counterparts and probably reflective of an owner with an orthodox religious disposition. The forward arm of the guard, as well as the base ferrule of the grip, are struck with hallmarks. The blade is of flattened diamond section. The first quarter is fin....

This sword is mounted with a steel hilt, finely chiseled in flags and military trophies. The decoration is in panels gilt overall in the Italian taste. The grip is finely wrapped in steel wire and copper bands, originally gilt. The blade, swelled at the forte (colichemarde form) is decorated with a coronet impaled with palm fronds over an armorial device of a raptor on a globe encoiled by a serpen....

The iron hilt of this sword is encrusted in silver including a central motif of cherub faces on a splay of arms, suggesting that it was made for a military officer, possibly of noble descent. The balance of the decoration repeats the theme within pellet borders containing scrolling foliage. The decoration is specifically of the fashion popular in England at the time. The blade decoration includes ....

3,300.00 USD SPANISH RAPIER C.1700
From a small well known group, including two in the Royal Armory at Leeds. The hilt with double shell guards engraved each side with a double headed bird flanked by pairs of lions. Straight cross guard and matching knuckle bow. Grip lacks the wire wrap. 32 3/4" blade, triple fullered at the forte and marked ANTONIO (?). Charming example.

Hilt elements all relief decorated in swirling broad ribs or beads including the silver grip. Those forms drawn from the baroque taste of the period. The rear arm of the guard with two hallmarks. 31 1/2" triangular section blade with large panel at the forte with maker's name and describing the location of his premises in Paris. The inscription weak on the right side. The blade with medium gra....

24 5/8” length. Formed exactly as its bronze counter parts of so caller rapier form, identifying them as thrusting swords. The blade of slender leaf form, with thickened, perhaps originally ridged, medial. The base flared to secure to the wood, ivory or bone grip. While bronze swords of this form are found in many public collections, iron examples are exceedingly rare and most often represented ....

Classic example of the type identified as the first swords made in the New World. These were made in Caribbean in the 17th century and are well documented in literature including Arms and Armor in Colonial America, Peterson, Pl.78, and Spanish Military Weapons in Colonial America, Brinkerhoff & Chamberlain, where the chapter on swords is introduced with an example, pl.125 & 126. These were....

2500 GBP katana by Norifusa OF Aki province
Katana signed: Geishu jyu minanoto no Norifusa saku


Hizen school


Norifusa worked on aroundc1650. And he was smith of Asano family of Aki province. Asano family is Feudal lord of Aki province

The Asano are descendants of the Emperor Seiwa (850-880)¸ of Minamoto no Yorimitsu (944-1021)¸ and are a branch of the Toki family. Minamoto no Mits....

3,250.00 USD CELTIC BROADSWORD C.400 B.C. - 100 A.D
This sword has a length of 25" (plus the tang), and flat, unfullered blade. The shoulders are forged to a rounded contour. This sword originally had a one piece hilt, probably wood, bone, horn or perhaps ivory with expanded pommel and guard segment, rather than the iron cross guard of later examples. This example has been excavated but is preserved with original surfaces and edge intact in several....

£2,495 An Indian short Matchlock carbine
An Indian short Matchlock carbine

An Indian short Matchlock carbine 41" overall, 24" octagonal barrel with blade foresight, standing rearsight retained by brass & iron bands. Brass side plate engraved ’LT George H Fagan 3rd Bengal Volunteers Seringapatam April.May 1799’. Pierced trigger & curved serpentine, round pan (missing its hinged cover). Teak full stock wi....

£2,495 1796 heavy cavalry troopers sword
A 1796 heavy cavalry troopers sword

A 1796 heavy cavalry troopers sword. 39&157; overall, 4&157; straight fullered blade, sharpened to a spear point. Signed on the back edge &#acute;Bate&#acute; and with crowned broad arrow inspectors mark on right hand side. Steel disk hilt with langets, leather covered wooden grip. In its original iron scabbard with two suspension rings.
Circa 1800.
In goo....

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£2495 Silver Mounted Sword With French Napoleonic Blade Inscription
Called, in the French Napoleonic era, a ´Sabre d´Officier a Monture a L´Orientale´. A delightful Napoleonic wars sword, from the early 19th century, with rare all silver mounts from the Arabian Peninsular. The blade is inscribed Manufacture Nationale, Coulax or Charleville?. It is difficult to interpret the latter inscription as it is now partly too worn. After Napoleon&acu....

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£2495 Very Nice Kyu-Gunto Japanese Officers Sword With a Shinto Ancestral Blade
WW2 Surrendered sword with an ancestral Samurai blade, made around 350 years ago in the Edo period [Kanbun to Jokyo eras, 1661-1688]. This sword was used originally used for around 200 plus years as a traditional Katana by numerous samurai. It was then mounted as a kyu gunto katana, [with a guarded metal hilt and metal saya] initially for the Russian-Japanese war of 1904, and it was then used cont....

£2,495 59 A 1796 Heavy Cavalry Officers sword.
59 A 1796 Heavy Cavalry Officers sword.

£2,495 Royal Horseguards basket hilted sword
A Royal Horseguards basket hilted sword

A Rare Royal Horseguards basket hilted sword 41&157; overall, 35 1/2&157; broad blade with twin fullers with GR crown to one side and &#acute;Harvey&#acute; engraved on the other. Basket hilt welded from pierced panels and straps, bun shaped pommel grip, possibly original leather with twisted wire. C1755
An attractive large sword in good condition, blad....

£2,495 1788 Light Cavalry Troopers sword to the Fifth Light Dragoons.
A 1788 Light Cavalry Troopers sword to the Fifth Light Dragoons.

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£2495 Superb 18th Century Solid Silver Hilted Slotted Hilt EIC Cavalry Sabre
Lion´s head pommel, spiral turned ebony grip, with silver triple wire binding and two silver rivets. Slotted hilt with fretted, open diamond form insert. Long curved blade with clipped back tip. In overall superb condition. A typical sword as used by officers serving under Wellington in his EIC Army campaign against Tippu Sultan, and the fourth Mysore War. Fourth Anglo-Mysore War
After Hora....

£2,495 Infantry officer&#acute;s spadroon to The Royal Bucks
An Infantry officer&#acute;s spadroon to The Royal Bucks

£2,495 .A 1796 blue & gilt infantry officer&#acute;s sword,
.A 1796 blue & gilt infantry officer&#acute;s sword,

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£2475 Beautiful 1796 Blue and Gilt Officer´s Light Dragoon Sabre
With brass combat scabbard, brass hilt, carved bone grip and traditional 1796 Light Dragoon form blade, used in the Waterloo era, with wide swollen tip. The blue and gilt is good but has some wear and fading due to to use. Officers both regular and volunteers carried fighting swords very similar in form to those of the trooper version, though they tended to be lighter in weight and show evidence o....

Probably provincial English, possibly American. Double shell guard decorated in and out with classical figures and arms splays. Outside marked with D B maker's mark and indecipherable mark opposite. The presence of two marks only (clearly not French) suggests either an English provincial or American maker. The other hilt elements decorated to match. The pommel with remnants of gold overlay ind....

This sword is a good example of the individuality and stylistic expression which influenced Spanish sword design in the colonial period. It is a rapier with its roots in the European officers smallswords of the period. The boat form guard was widely adapted to the Spanish taste but seldom as faithfully as here. The wire wrapped horn grip has a distinctively colonial flavor. It likely was made as p....

By the mid 17th century, the cup hilt rapier was fully evolved. Popular throughout Europe, the form was embraced universally in Spain and Spanish territories and its evolution continued well into the 18th century, after it had been largely abandoned in other countries. This example dates to the beginning of the evolution. Its long straight double edged blade was made to maximize the latest fencing....

Probably Dutch. Iron hilt with flattened recurved knuckle bow with medial expansion decorated with foliate splay. Double waisted medial ring guard and faceted pommel. The pommel, ring guard, and both terminals of the cross guard decorated with a flower. Double bar guard to the back connected by a thumb ring. Wire wrapped grip. 30 1/8" blade with deep broad fullers bearing an indecipherable inscrip....

3000 Euro 1814 Cent-Suisses sabre of the King's House
Rare sabre of one of the closest king´s corps, dismantled in 1815, blade is stamped and marked Manuf Royale de Klingenthal Coulaux Frères, no scabbard

££2450 Fine Ottoman Yataghan dated 1865/66 (1282)
An excellent and decorative example of an Ottoman Turkish Yataghan. The single edged-blade is characteristically slightly and downwardly curved, double fullered beneath the spine and engraved with an inscription on one side complemented by a decorative panel on the other in a naive style similar to that seen on traditional Ottoman ceramics.
The inscription translated from old Ottoman Turkish....

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£2450 Superb and Beautiful King George IVth Sword of Major General David Walker
An officer of much combat service and of considerable distinction. Before a General he was a young officer in the 60th Foot, then, on his majority, serving in the 20th Foot, the Royal Corsican Rangers, and then Lt Col. Of the 58th Foot. He served at the taking of Port au Prince, with distinction in the war with France, in the Expedition to Egypt in 1801 and the Siege of Alexandria, he further serv....

£2,450.00 Early Sporting Gun
An Early Flintlock Sporting Gun by Daykin of Nottingham, Circa 1770.

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£2450 Stunning Solid Silver Gilt George III Small Sword Circa 1770
Hallmarked Silver Dated 1763 by William Kinman of London. Colishmarde bladeblade etched with scrollwork over the forte (rubbed), silver hilt finely cast and chased with boldly writhen borders and scrollwork, comprising oval dish-guard struck twice with the maker`s mark (indistinct), a pair of quillons, arms, knuckle-guard with scrolling terminal, and spirally fluted oval pommel, the grip with chas....

£2,450 1796 heavy cavalry Scott’s Greys troopers sword.
A 1796 heavy cavalry Scott’s Greys troopers sword.

A 1796 heavy cavalry troopers sword. 39&157; overall, 4&157; straight fullered blade, hatchet point. Signed on the back edge &#acute;J. J Runkel, Sohlingen&#acute; Steel disk hilt, langets removed, leather covered wooden grip. Regimentally marked to the second dragoon guards on knucklebow. Scabbard lacking.
Circa 1800 to  18....

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£2450 Imperial Japanese WW2 Officer´s "Koa Isshin Mantetsu Steel" Officer´s Sword
Koa Isshin Mantetsu saku in original polish with near perfect original WW2 fittings. One of the desirable, signed Koaisshin Mantetsu swords. Signed blade, Koaisshin Mantetsu, dated Showa Mizunoe Uma Shu, or “Year of the Showa Horse in Autumn” (Autumn 1942). The hilt had not been removed since 1945, and it was effectively jammed in situ, so it took three days to remove in order not to ha....

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£2450 Very Good Japanese Officer´s Sword, Early Shinto Ancestral Blade
Signed blade in pristine condition, made around 350 years ago. A shorter blade usually associated with Japanese pilots or tank officers. A very good Shin Gunto mounted officer´s sword, with a fine Shinto ancestral blade, with a good Hamon and in 95% original polish. With Habaki. It is a short gunto most likely made for aircrew pilot, or possibly even submarine crew [but this is only educate....

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£2450 Superb Solid Silver Hilted American War Of Independence Era Sword
Made by one of the great 18th century London silversmiths, in 1782. London was the premier centre for silver in Europe and some of it´s finest makers made swords the great and the good of all nations, especially America. This whole sword is made entirely in the manner of one of the greatest British Georgian architects and designers, Robert Adam. With it´s typical, gracious, ´Ada....

Early form with large circular arms below the cross guard and slightly asymmetrical shell guard. Chiseled throughout in foliage and diamond bands, the pommel, quillon block and shell guards pierced with central six point faceted stars and roped foliage. Fine silver wire and tape wrapped grip. 33 1/4" colichemarde blade decorated first third in foliage and heart motifs. Excellent quality and superi....

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£2400 The WW2 Japanese ´Ancestral´ Sword of Admiral of the Fleet J.J.R.Oswald
A Japanese WW2 used officers sword fitted with the officer´s ancestral blade of around 450 years old. In jolly nice order with a deeply curved blade that bears a good and distinct hamon. All traditional WW2 officer fittings with leather combat scabbard. It came into the possession of Admiral of the Fleet Sir John Julian Robertson Oswald as a WW2 souvenir. We show Admiral Oswald in retirement....

£2,395 Basket hilt sword for the 4th Breadalbane Regiment of Fencible Men
A fine Basket hilt sword for the 4th Breadalbane Regiment of Fencible Men

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