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£2,495 New Stock A Royal Horseguards basket hilted sword
A Rare Royal Horseguards basket hilted sword 41” overall, 35 1/2” broad blade with twin fullers with GR crown to one side and ‘Harvey' engraved on the other. Basket hilt welded from pierced panels and straps, bun shaped pommel grip, possibly original leather with twisted wire. C1755
An attractive large sword in good condition, blade engraving faint.
Provenance Robert E Brooker Jr Colle....

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£2495 Superb 18th Century Solid Silver Hilted Slotted Hilt EIC Cavalry Sabre
Lion´s head pommel, spiral turned ebony grip, with silver triple wire binding and two silver rivets. Slotted hilt with fretted, open diamond form insert. Long curved blade with clipped back tip. In overall superb condition. A typical sword as used by officers serving under Wellington in his EIC Army campaign against Tippu Sultan, and the fourth Mysore War. Fourth Anglo-Mysore War
After Hora....

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£2495 450 year Old Ancestral Bladed Japanese WW2 Kai Gunto Naval Officer´s Sword
Model 1937. With all it´s original and gilded mounts and fittings, with black same under correct naval style brown silk wrap. Every part of this sword is matching, with it´s original number stamped onto every separate part of the tsuka. It has the distinctive, deluxe polished and coloured rayskin saya, with all it´s original fittings. The blade is an ancestral piece, probably 450....

£2,495 A model 1816 pistol by S North
A model 1816 pistol by S North

£2,495 Rare Hudson Valley Fowler C.1750
A Hudson Valley flintlock Fowler, long musket of Dutch origin 671/2" overall, 52" round steel barrel with large foresight, later Birmingham proof marks at the breech, slightly rounded lock plate indistinctly marked under pan, secured with two side nails, rounded Swan neck cock, bridled frizzen, ,full stocked possibly in Maple to 7" from muzzle with simple brass furniture, comprising butt plate, tr....

4250 USD Non Regulation Cavalry Officer Saber
Non Regulation Cavalry Officer Saber. - Klingenthal - Rare French import Cavalry Officer

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£2450 King George IIIrd Flintlock Duelling Pistol By Circa 1765
A Fine walnut stock, steel barrel held with barrel slides, steel lock with sliding safety and fine steel furniture, stock of juglans regia with rub-over steel butt cap, and slab sided grips, acorn finial steel trigger guard beautiful original polish and good distinct grip grain. Brass tipped ramrod. All the steel is very nicely patinated. The golden era of the dueling pistol in Britain lasted from....

£2450 Turkish Ottoman Yataghan Dated 1212 / 1797/8 With Scabbard

An excellent example of a Turkish Yataghan of high quality and in good condition. The single-edged blade is characteristically slightly curved and inlaid with silver patterns of lines, flowers and foliage along its length. An inlaid panel bears a brief inscription including the date on one face. The gilt-copper hilt extends over the lower portion of the blade and is decorated over its surfa....

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£2450 Superb Solid Silver Hilted American War Of Independence Era Sword
Made by one of the great 18th century London silversmiths, in 1782. London was the premier centre for silver in Europe and some of it´s finest makers made swords the great and the good of all nations, especially America. This whole sword is made entirely in the manner of one of the greatest British Georgian architects and designers, Robert Adam. With it´s typical, gracious, ´Ada....

£2450 Rare Islamic Broad Sword - Probably Omani Late - 17th / 18th Century
A rare Islamic broad sword probably of Omani origin dating to the 17th / 18th century. The plain lenticular section blade tapers gently towards its rounded tip. The iron hilt consists of a quillon block forged from separate sections to form two arms with downward facing drop-like terminals forged onto a collar which forms the lower portion of the cylindrical grip. Beneath this a skirt is attached ....

£2,450 A German Pikeman’s Sword Was £ 2,995 Now £2,495

£2450 Scottish 1798 Pattern Highland Infantry Officer's Broadsword

A good example of a Scottish 1798 Pattern Highland Infantry Officer's basket hilted broadsword.  The fully formed basket is made from bronze / copper bars brazed together. The hilt was originally gilded but only traces of this now remain in the recesses of the joins to the guard bars. The dome shaped pommel is decorated with four sets of triple lines which radiate from the screw threa....

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£2450 Stunning Solid Silver Gilt George III Small Sword Circa 1770
Hallmarked Silver Dated 1763 by William Kinman of London. Colishmarde bladeblade etched with scrollwork over the forte (rubbed), silver hilt finely cast and chased with boldly writhen borders and scrollwork, comprising oval dish-guard struck twice with the maker`s mark (indistinct), a pair of quillons, arms, knuckle-guard with scrolling terminal, and spirally fluted oval pommel, the grip with chas....

£2,450.00 * * * * A scarce British Flintlock Long sea-service pistol, from the time of Nelson's Navy. A very good example of a Napoleonic Naval pistol. Ref 7783
A scarce British Military Flintlock Long sea-service pistol dating from the time of Nelson's Navy. Napoleonic Period. Circa 1780-1815. Steel lockplate stamped with the "crown, GR" and the word "Tower". Standard issue military brass trigger guard, butt-cap, sideplate and ramrod pipe. 12 inch steel barrel. Overall length 19 inches. The butt stamped with the date "1805&q....

£2450 Scottish Military Basket Hilted Backsword dating to the Middle to Third Quarter of the 18th Century
An attractive, clean, crisp example of a Scottish basket hilted backsword from the middle to third quarter of the 18th century. The sword is typical of a type manufactured in England for lower ranks in Highland Regiments, such as The Black Watch, and fencible regiments, for service in the Scottish Highlands, before and after the 1745 Rebellion, and overseas, particularly in the Americas. The sword....

£2,450.00 Proto Mortuary Sword
new itemDimensions:

4200 USD McElroy Heavy Artillery Short Sword, wood scabbard
McElroy short Artillery Swords have no blade fuller

3000 Euro 1814 Cent-Suisses sabre of the King's House
Rare sabre of one of the closest king's corps, dismantled in 1815, blade is stamped and marked Manuf Royale de Klingenthal Coulaux Frères, no scabbard

3000 Euro Wakizashi japonese sabre
Sabre has mounts like a tachi, the laque on the scbbard is intact, hamon line and some dents on the blade chiselled with a dragon, not signed, ray skin grip

4100 USD U.S. Navy Medical Officer by A.W. Spies
   A small sword made for U.S. Navy Medical officers

4,100 GBP 13th/18th Hussars Officer's Mameluke Sword.
A good example of the regimental pattern.
Curved scimitar blade with etched decoration depicting a crowned GvR cypher
and to the reverse a regimental device. The hilt with cross guard embossed
with floral decoration and mounted to the centre with silvered regimental
device bearing the motto "Pro Patria Conamur". Two piece ivorine
grip with two gilt floral pateri and edged with ....

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£2375 Late Viking Form Cruciform Hilted Broadsword With ´Brazil Nut´ Pommel
10th century AD style. A hand-forged sword comprising a long, gently tapering blade, rectangular-section crossguard, flat-section tang and brazil-nut pommel; the blade with very shallow fuller to both faces; the tip pointed; replaced wooden grip. Overall length 35 inches. From an old London collection. The brazil-nut pommel and hilt is Geibig´s Type 12, beginning in the later 10th century an....

£2,350.00 Good Spanish Cup-Hilt Rapier Dated 1661. Ref 6406
A very good and rare Spanish Cup-Hilt Rapier Dated 1661. The very long blade (39 inches) with makers marks in the fuller and the date 1661. This is the type of rapier carried by Spanish military forces during the period 1660-1720. Overall length 46 inches. One very small age-crack in bottom of bowl guard, otherwise very good to excellent condition. Ref 6406

We are always interested to purchase....

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£2350 Spectacular Peninsular War Rifles Officer´s Battle & Dress Sword
A stunning sword, a variant of the 1803 GR cypher hilted sword with lion pommel, but the most scarce pierced Light Infantry Bugle half basket. Fully engraved blade with royal cypher and coat of arms with motto. Blade with old edge cuts and edge losses. This sword has spent two full days being professionally cleaned and conserved as it had been left undisturbed for likely 150 years. During the Peni....

£2.350 English Mortuary Sword dating to circa 1650 to 1660
A good example of an English "Mortuary" hilted back sword dating to circa 1650 to 1660. The hilt is of typical form consisting of a broad boldly manufactured dish-shaped guard plate from which three main guard bars extend with the flattened ends screwed into the pommel sides.

The spaces between these bars are filled with subsidiary bars and scrolls most of which display standard for....

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£2350 Most Attractive Koto Period Samurai Short Sword Wakazashi
With bronze and gold mounts decorated with a bamboo design. It´s original Edo plain black lacquer saya and a good iron tsuba. The blade has a good vibrant notare hamon and the menuki are good quality, of a buffalo and a shi-shi lion dog. Overall this is a good early samurai wakazashi and very nice condition with attractive nice quality fittings. The wrap is old Edo and could be rebound or le....

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£2345 Koto Period Ancestral Bladed Shin Gunto Mounted WW2 Officer´s Sword
With standard WW2 fittings and leather covered metal saya. The blade is around 500 years old and shows a good traces of an undulating gunome hamon. The tang has three mekugi ana. The mounts are in good order and the whole sword is very honest, with a blade used by an honoured son using his 500 year old ancestor´s blade.

This complete South German, probably Bavarian hunting trousse dates to the second half of 18th century, and is bedecked in fine sterling silver, en suite. The 61 cm long, massive blade of the hirschfanger is engraved and gold washed on three sides, and is inscribed with a short rhyme -Das JagenIst Einaltes Rechtes gehöretfür den Adelund Seingeschlecht, which, freely translated from the o....

$3995 USD Silver Inlaid Broadsword with Flamboyant Blade, ca. 1660

Hilt of "Walloon" style, typical of the second half of the 17th
C, with asymmetrical side rings, each filled with a pierced plate; knucklebow
with curving bar attached to each side ring and to the spherical pommel with
button. Pommel, side rings, and plates engraved in geometric and figure-eight
pattern and filled with silver (some losses). Grip with twisted wi....

3950 USD M 1840 Cavalry Officer Sword - Type 1 Sauerbier
M 1840 Cavalry Officer Sword - Type 1 Sauerbier.

This Spanish espada de conchas rapier is mounted with a 102 cm long blade [not counting the ricasso], marked TOMAS DAIALA inside the fullers. Ricasso is marked with what appears to be a crowned mark, now indistinct. The rapier is completely original, including the grip wrap, and measures 120 cm overall. The front shell is decorated with a stylized Spanish lion amid floral scrolls and tendrils. The....

3950 USD Cavalry Officer, Non-Reg. Staff & Field pattern
 Beautiful import Cavalry Officer Saber with a Federal Eagle and 7 stars in the guard

£2,295 French combination hunting hanger and pistol.
French combination hunting hanger and pistol.26 ¾" overall. 21 1/2" straight blade with twin fullers and etched with martial trophies.Flintlock pistol on right hand side, 4 1/2" round to octagonal barrel. Brass hilt with dogs head pommel, brass knuckle bow and brass shell guard, with horn scales to grip. Box lock pistol fitted within the tang with swan neck cock.
Circa 1770
Condition: In quite ....

£2,295 A flintlock Muskatoon
A flintlock Muskatoon 34" overall. 18" barrel flared at the muzzle, flat lockplate with bolted safety, swan neck cock, brass furniture comprising engraved butt plate, plain side plate, trigger guard with acorn finial & Rococo escutcheon. Walnut full stock with wooden rammer with worm, in 2 ramrod pipes. C1740
Good, sleepy, original condition

£2,295 A very fine 1803 pattern Flank Company Officer’s sword
A very fine 1803 pattern Flank Company Officer’s sword 38" overall. 33" curved blue & gilt blade with engraved trophies of arms & dragons, signed ’J Runkel Solingen’ on the spine. Robust gilt stirrup hilt with GR cipher in knucklebow, lion’s head pommel with black fish skin grip, triple strand silver wire. In its black leather and gilt mounted scabbard with two susp....

£2,295 A flintlock Yeomanry carbine
A flintlock Yeomanry carbine 37" overall. 21" carbine bore barrel with proof marks. Flat lockplate engraved ’Tower 1840’ on the tail, Crown VR & inspector’s mark under the pan, ring neck cock, full stock with rifle style trigger guard, sling swivel & swivel ramrod.
Dated 1840
VR flintlocks are rare, good condition.

£2,295 Volunteer 42" Brown Bess by Ketland
A high quality 42" Volunteer musket by Ketland 58" overall. 42" barrel, stepped lockplate with flat swan necked cock & roller on the frizzen spring engraved ’Ketland & Co’. Brass mounts, wrist escutcheon engraved ’A Taylor’, 4 ramrod pipes, the first three being trumpet shaped with original iron ramrod. Walnut full stock. Barrel retained by 3 slides. C1795
Good con....

£2,295 New Stock A William IV New Land pattern pistol
A William IV New Land pattern pistol 15 1/2” overall, 9” round barrel, stepped bolted border engraved lockplate, ring neck border engraved cock, barrel stamped with a crowned MR for Portugal. Walnut fullstock with board of Ordnance mark, butt drilled for lanyard thong, domed brass butt cap, trigger guard and sideplate, swivel ramrod
. C1830
Very good condition, much original finish.
Note: G....

£2,295 WIV Cavalry Pistol
A WIV Cavalry Pistol

Perhaps Flemish, this sword bears the name of the seller, Bressard, of rue du Madeline, Brussels, at the forte. Above, an angle with flag and impaled coronet indicating the nobility of its owner. The iron hilt is beautifully enriched with high relief figu... (read more)

3900 USD M 1852 Naval Officer Sword by Collins dated 1862
M 1852 Naval Officer Sword By Collins and retailed by unlisted retailer---Wendt &Co. N.Y.

3900 USD Sharp & Hamilton Confederate Cavalry Saber -
Sharp & Hamilton / Nashville Plow Works. These were early war Confederate Cavalry sabers

The French Revolution, inspired by the successful American Revolution, came on the heels of social and cultural change. Class distinction, long accepted and thought by the nobility to be a birthright, divided the populous. This sword was carried by a memb... (read more)

Provincial made example of Norman #58 form, which he dates possibly about 1560 and later. Directly descended from the cruciform broadsword with straight slightly canted cross guard, large ring side guard connected to the knuckle bow and small lower guard... (read more)

3900 USD Minty Ames Mfg. Co. Militia officer, Knights head
 Frosty bright blade with Needle etched Ames address.

£2250 English Silver Encrusted Hanger Circa 1650

A good English hanger dating to the middle part of the 17th century. The iron hilt consists of a half shell guard turned down and shaped at its outer edge and finished with two pierced crescent shaped features. This is attached to a sturdy cross bar which to the rear terminates in a downward turned flattened acorn shaped quillon and to the front extends upwards into a knuckle bow with a furt....

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£2250 Super Blue and Gilt 1796 British Infantry Officer´s Sword.
With copper gilt hilt, siver wire grip and fully engraved blade with King George IIIrd cypher with finest blue and gilt d

£2,250.00 very good British Military Flintlock Pistol dating from the time of the Napoleonic wars, circa 1780-1815. Ref 7321.
A very good British Military Flintlock Officer's Pistol dating from the time of the Napoleonic Wars. Rounded typical military style brass butt-cap, matching brass trigger-guard, ramrod pipes and sideplate. Action in excellent working order. Captive steel ramrod. The lock marked with "GR. crown & TOWER". Some dark age staining to the wood forend. Circa 1780-1815. Overall length 16....

£2,250 New Stock A very good William IV Cavalry pistol
New Stock A very good William IV Cavalry pistol

£2,250 New Stock A William IV New Land pattern cavalry pistol (1)
A William IV New Land pattern cavalry pistol 15 1/2” overall, 9” barrel with inspector's marks and crowned MR, stepped bolted border engraved lockplate with ring neck border engraved cock, semi-waterproof pan, crowned WR, domed butt cap, trigger guard with Portuguese regimental marks, swivel ramrod.
In very good condition,
Note: Great Britain supplied Portugal with ordnance pisto....

Currently showing 301 to 350 of 1361 items.

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