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3900 USD Sharp & Hamilton Confederate Cavalry Saber -
Sharp & Hamilton / Nashville Plow Works. These were early war Confederate Cavalry sabers

3900 USD M 1852 Naval Officer Sword by Collins dated 1862
M 1852 Naval Officer Sword By Collins and retailed by unlisted retailer---Wendt &Co. N.Y.

3900 USD Minty Ames Mfg. Co. Militia officer, Knights head
 Frosty bright blade with Needle etched Ames address.

Perhaps Flemish, this sword bears the name of the seller, Bressard, of rue du Madeline, Brussels, at the forte. Above, an angle with flag and impaled coronet indicating the nobility of its owner. The iron hilt is beautifully enriched with high relief figu... (read more)

Provincial made example of Norman #58 form, which he dates possibly about 1560 and later. Directly descended from the cruciform broadsword with straight slightly canted cross guard, large ring side guard connected to the knuckle bow and small lower guard... (read more)

The French Revolution, inspired by the successful American Revolution, came on the heels of social and cultural change. Class distinction, long accepted and thought by the nobility to be a birthright, divided the populous. This sword was carried by a memb... (read more)

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£2350 Spectacular Peninsular War Rifles Officer´s Battle & Dress Sword
A stunning sword, a variant of the 1803 GR cypher hilted sword with lion pommel, but the most scarce pierced Light Infantry Bugle half basket. Fully engraved blade with royal cypher and coat of arms with motto. Blade with old edge cuts and edge losses. This sword has spent two full days being professionally cleaned and conserved as it had been left undisturbed for likely 150 years. During the Peni....

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£2350 Japanese WW2 Officer´s Sword Ritsumeikan Tarenjo Smith, Sakurai Masayuki
A jolly nice gendaito blade by Masayuki, grey due to use, but showing superb potential with and incredibly vibrant hamon. All good traditional type 95 mounts and tsuba, with a leather bound combat steel saya. A very good and sound example of these much sought after swords of Imperial Japan, Ritsumeikan Tarenjo

Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto had a small forge (tanrenjo) set up during World War....

Changing fencing techniques necessitated greater protection from the frontal thrust and resulted in guard variations including the cup hilt, dish hilt and shell guard, all of which were produced simultaneously. The shell guard portends the small sword hil... (read more)

3000 Euro 1814 Cent-Suisses sabre of the King's House
Rare sabre of one of the closest king´s corps, dismantled in 1815, blade is stamped and marked Manuf Royale de Klingenthal Coulaux Frères, no scabbard

3800 USD Collins & Co. 1861 dated M1840 Cavalry Officer
 Very ornate Guard & Pommel, Brass Mounted Scabbard

3800 USD Silver grip, pre-war Militia officer by Horstmann
 High grade, pre war Militia officer by Horstmann with the unusual feature of no U.S. designs on the blade and a federal shield with 7 stripes and no stars on the scabbard.

$3,800.00 USD GERMAN RAPIER C.1660-80
This is an example of the rapier in Northern Europe as it evolved in the second half of the 17th century. A lighter hilt provided greater maneuverability without sacrificing protection. The design here employs an intriguing slender profile with slightly c... (read more)

This is an exceptional example of the type of side arm carried for civilian protection throughout Europe and America in the mid 17th century. A troubled world saw Civil War in England on the tails of the Thirty Years War which devastated Northern Europe.... (read more)

3800 USD Confederate Short Artillery by W. J. McElroy
The McElroy swords are similar to the Johnson swords but have No Blade fullers.

This large rapier was produced for private purchase and could have served a military officer or civilian equally well. The deep iron cup protected the hand which was positioned with two fingers ahead of the cross guard. The large pommel balanced the blade... (read more)

Napoleonic, conforming to the 1796 pattern specifications. Hilt of slightly heavy proportions to accommodate the intricate and profuse decoration comprising bands of foliage to the guard and shell edges. Double shells, one folding with hand engraved sun b... (read more)

£2,295 A flintlock Muskatoon
A flintlock Muskatoon 34" overall. 18" barrel flared at the muzzle, flat lockplate with bolted safety, swan neck cock, brass furniture comprising engraved butt plate, plain side plate, trigger guard with acorn finial & Rococo escutcheon. Walnut full stock with wooden rammer with worm, in 2 ramrod pipes. C1740
Good, sleepy, original condition

£2,295 A flintlock Yeomanry carbine
A flintlock Yeomanry carbine 37" overall. 21" carbine bore barrel with proof marks. Flat lockplate engraved ’Tower 1840’ on the tail, Crown VR & inspector’s mark under the pan, ring neck cock, full stock with rifle style trigger guard, sling swivel & swivel ramrod.
Dated 1840
VR flintlocks are rare, good condition.

£2,295 New Stock A Good Flintlock Short Sea Service Pistol (1)
 A Good Flintlock Short Sea Service Pistol, 17” overall. 9 1/8” barrel ordnance shortened from 12” inspectors mark on tang. Flat double border engraved lockplate with ‘Tower' and GR cipher and Crown over 2 inspector's mark. Walnut full stock with B O mark behind apron, regulation brass furniture, iron belt hook, and original iron ramrod.
Circa 1810..
In very good condition.

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£2295 Flintlock Holster Pistol by Ketland & Co, Circa 1780.
Possibly American made with typical American plainer mounts and non proved barrel. Ketland & Co. Lock. With round steel barrel, flat lock plate signed

£2,295 WIV Cavalry Pistol
A WIV Cavalry Pistol

This magnificent 19th c. Arabian shamshir is mounted with a massive 82 cm-long, almost 4 cm-wide Hungarian blade which dates to the 1700s. Blade is nicely engraved on both sides with a phrase VINCER AUT MO HUNGARIA [roughly translated from Latin as ´Victory for My Hungary´], lions, figures of two Hungarian hussars in traditional uniform with swords, crescent moon and the word Eisenhaue....

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£2265 Very Good ´Sleeper´ Napoleonic Wars, Elite French Cuirassier´s Sword
The term ´sleeper´ is an antique collector´s term to signify an item that has remained untouched by restoration or polishing for decades or even hundreds of years. This sword, most likely a souvenir of the Peninsular and Waterloo campaign, has remained unpolished and unmolested for likely 150 years or more. The blade has the good Imperial French inspector´s marks of Lobste....

£2250 English Silver Encrusted Hanger Circa 1650

A good English hanger dating to the middle part of the 17th century. The iron hilt consists of a half shell guard turned down and shaped at its outer edge and finished with two pierced crescent shaped features. This is attached to a sturdy cross bar which to the rear terminates in a downward turned flattened acorn shaped quillon and to the front extends upwards into a knuckle bow with a furt....

£2,250 New Stock A William IV New Land pattern cavalry pistol (1)
A William IV New Land pattern cavalry pistol 15 1/2” overall, 9” barrel with inspector's marks and crowned MR, stepped bolted border engraved lockplate with ring neck border engraved cock, semi-waterproof pan, crowned WR, domed butt cap, trigger guard with Portuguese regimental marks, swivel ramrod.
In very good condition,
Note: Great Britain supplied Portugal with ordnance pisto....

£2,250 New Stock A very good William IV Cavalry pistol
New Stock A very good William IV Cavalry pistol

£2,250 New Stock A William IV New land pattern pistol
A William IV New land pattern pistol 15 1/2” overall, 9” round carbine bore barrel with Ordnance proofs and  MR for Maria I of Portugal , stepped bolted border engraved lock with crown WR and broad arrow Ordnance stamp, border engraved throat hole cock, semi-waterproof pan, walnut full stock with domed stepped butt cap, trigger guard, ‘S' shaped sideplate, single ramrod pipe, fore-end c....

£2,250.00 1796 Blue & Gilt Sword
A 1796 Pattern Light Cavalry Officers Sabre. With curved etched blade, blued and gilt with scrolling foliage, stands of arms, crowned Royal Cypher, Royal Arms and mounted Cavalryman, signed 'CRAIG WARRANTED' at the forte, regulation steel stirrup hilt, with wire bound leather grip, in its steel scabbard with two suspension rings.


By the 18th century, hunting for sport had evolved into a favorite pastime of the nobility who owned the land and the right to hunt. Among the adversaries which could test a hunters prowess were boar, bear, and stag each of which could turn on a hunter... (read more)

$3695 USD Styrian (Austria) Dusegge, Sinclair Sabre, Late 16th C
The dusegge is a basket-hilted sword unique to Southern
Germany, Austria, and Hungary. The curved blade is patterned after the blades of
the Ottoman Turks, whom they battled with for centuries. Many of these swords
can be found in the arsenals of Austria, especially Styria, and can be seen
today at the Landsmuseum in Graz. They were a very effective slashing weapon
favored by light caval....

£2,245 A US model 1819 pistol by Simeon North.
A US model 1819 pistol by Simeon North.
15 1/2" overall, 10" round barrel with brass blade fore sight, engraved ’US’ with inspectors marks at the bridge. Full length tang with rear sight.
Bolted lock engraved ’S. North MIDLTN CONN’ with ’US’ and Eagle mark. Brass pan, throat hole cock, dated 1821 on the tail.
Steel mounts comprising butt cap, trigger guard, b....

£2,245 New Stock A Heavy Cavalry 1821 pattern sword to the Fifth Dragoon Guards
A Heavy Cavalry 1821 pattern sword to the Fifth Dragoon Guards. 41 1/2” overall, 36” straight blade with broad fuller. Blade etched with scrolling foliage, crowned ‘V.R' and ‘Henry Wilkinson, Pall Mall' to the forte. And on the obverse scrolling foliage, crowned ‘5DG' badge with battle honours, Salamanca, Vittoria, Toulouse and Peninsula. With family coat of arms and ‘GSB&#....

£2,245 A French Officer’s pistol model 1816
A French Officer’s pistol model 1816 14 1/2" overall. 8" barrel dated 1816 on the tang with rear sight & fore sight. Lockplate engraved but rubbed, brass pan & throat hole cock, chequered walnut half stock with domed butt cap & brass fore end
Pistol in good condition although engraving appears to have been deliberately removed, whalebone ramrod missing.

3675 USD CSA Cavalry Saber - 1st model Keansville - flat cast guard
CSA Cavalry Saber - 1st model Keansville - flat cast guard.

3650 USD Clauberg M1840 U.S. Cavalry Officer - Bold Etch
 Embellished hilt, pommel & Very Bold blade etching

£2,195 New Stock A French hunting plug bayonet.
A French hunting plug bayonet. 19” overall, 13” Montmorency style blade with twin fullers. Engraved with military trophies on the forte and hunting dogs in the fuller. With pierced shell guard and quillion block en suite. Tapered horn handle with its Paris style chagrin scabbard with silver plated throat piece, chape missing.
Circa 1700
Blade in very good condition with much original polish.....

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£2195 Good, Original 1796 Heavy Cavalry Trooper´s Combat Sword By Bate
Ordnance supplier of swords during the Napoleonic Wars. An impressive original combat sword complete with it´s unaltered disc guard hilt, and langets and spear pointed blade [ their blade´s tip were frequently altered at the time of use during the Napoleonic wars era and at Waterloo]. Leather bound, ribbed, wooden grip. Surface pitting overall on the scabbard. The 1796 Heavy Cavalry sw....

This sword is from a group best studied in Peterson's American Sword, American Silver Mounted Swords section, #43-47. The pommel is a classic example of the Philadelphia eagle. The cross guard has two further eagle heads and is struck with four marks incl... (read more)

$3,600.00 USD AN ITALIAN RAPIER C.1640.
This charming rapier was produced in Northern Italy to provide the owner with the latest form which responded to changing fighting tactics. Italian fencing masters led the world in the evolution of tactics and changes in sword styles originated in Italy b... (read more)

This sword served a soldier in a Scottish regiment of the British military. It has a leather covered grip. A maker's mark to the blade suggests that it was produced in Germany as were many English swords. The failed Jacobite rebellion of 1745-6 resulted i... (read more)

Large fighting proportions with 32 1/4 triangular section colichemarde blade decorated with scrolling foliage at the forte. Oval guard pierced with scrolls surrounding faceted studs and hatched panels. The motifs repeated on the knuckle guard and pommel.... (read more)

Form identical to Peterson's Silver Mounted Swords section, #19. Unmarked hilt comprising recurved guard with hound head terminals, rain proof base mount grip ferrule and scalloped pommel cap with relief demonic animal face. The quillon block very notable... (read more)

£2150 Scottish Military Basket Hilted Backsword probably of the 91st Foot dating to the Middle to Third Quarter of the 18th Century
A representative example of a Scottish military basket hilted backsword from the middle or third quarter of the 18th century. The sword is typical of a type manufactured in England for lower ranks in Highland Regiments, such as The Black Watch, and fencible regiments, for service in the Scottish Highlands, before and after the 1745 Rebellion, and overseas, particularly in the Americas. The swords ....

£2,150 New Stock A 1788 Light Cavalry Trooper’s sword by Woolley

£2150 Superior Silver Hilted Small Sword with London Hallmarks for 1756 by James Bennett

A superior 18th century English silver hilted small sword in overall good condition with hallmarks for London 1756 and a makers mark comprised of the letters "I B" inside a shield which are probably for John Bennett (I or II) - both 18th century silver hilted swordmakers based in Threadneedle Street in the City of London. Typically, the silver hilt consists of a double shell ....

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£2150 Stunning Napoleonic British Presentation Grade Hussar Officer´s Sabre
This is without doubt the sword of an officer of great wealth, status and standing. A fabulous gilt bronze horse´s head hilted sword with ivory grip and hussar sabre blade. We had a near identical sword once before recently, but closer to it´s original state, with an engraved blade [with hussar on horseback], and it´s scabbard. This sword has a plain blade and no scabbard or chai....

£2150 British Grenadier Hanger by Samuel Harvey Circa 1750

An attractive British Infantry Hanger or "Scimitar" of the Royal Regiment of Foot dating to circa 1750 in good and complete original condition. The basket hilt is of asymmetrical form designed to ensure that most protection is provided for the upper part of the right hand.  The frontal part of the hilt is formed around two diamond shaped apertures supported by loops. Side....

£2150 Scottish Military Basket Hilted Backsword of the type carried by the Breadalbane Fencibles - Late 18th Century

A representative example of a distinctive and rare form of late 18th century Scottish military basket hilted backsword. The hilt is symmetrical from the front being made up of two halves of steel which are brazed together and pierced with thistles. To the front a roundel is present whichcarries theregimental motif, now indistinct. 
The hilt is built up from a broad base plate through w....

£2,150 A Napoleonic flintlock Officers pistol
A Napoleonic flintlock Officers pistol

Currently showing 301 to 350 of 1297 items.

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