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This is a rare example of the smallsword in its early form. From this point, it went through a century and a half of refinement with subtle changes in detail. It was produced in Brescia, Italy, a center with a centuries old reputation for fine metal work at the time. Its finely chiseled iron hilt with sinuous members enhanced with pyramidal groups, perhaps based on the Maltese cross, is preserved ....

4000 Euro Model Year 9 Army Gendarmerie sabre
Rare all iron mounted sabre with scabbard with flat ringbands, flat blade privately bought of 96,4 cm, toatl length is 115 cm, see in Petard´s book 1st vol number 166

£3,450 31. A very rare 1796 Heavy Cavalry pattern pistol marked to The 18th Light Dragoons
31. A very rare 1796 Heavy Cavalry pattern pistol marked to The 18th Light Dragoons

£3,450.00 Cased Pair Of Pocket Pistols
A Beautiful Pair of Cased Flintlock Pocket Pistol by W.Parker. With round turn-off barrels decorated with bands of geometric designs at the muzzle and again at the breech, stamped below with London proofs, line engraved box-lock actions singed "e;W.Parker"e; within an oval decorated with stands of arms behind to the left. and "e;HOLBORN LONDON"e; in an oval to the right, sliding th....

£3,450 Rare 1716 Sea Service Pistol. Restocked for the war of 1812.
Rare 1716 Sea Service Pistol. Restocked for the war of 1812.

. Rare 1716 Sea Service Pistol. Restocked for the war of 1812. 18 1/2&157; overall, 12&157; 22 bore round barrel with central Kings proofmarks. 1716 pattern flat sea service lock engraved &#acute;Jordan 1746&#acute; at the tail. With crown GR and board of ordanance mark to lockplate. Throat hole bevelled cock, faceted pan, flat top f....

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£3450 Very Rare, Original, "Pirate Captain´s" Combination Sword-Pistol C. 1740
A most superior example of a rare piece. From the Queen Anne to King George 1st period, a most fine hunting sword, with an armourer´s marked blade, with a brass knuckle bow, embossed shell guard and robbed horn grip, and beautifully and most adeptly custom set with a Queen Anne flintlock cannon barrel pistol by Diemer of Berlin, within the hilt. In the late 17th and early 18th century Royal ....

££3450 Fine Silver Mounted Highland Dirk Hallmarked for 1856 by James & William Marshall of Edinburgh with the arms of Colonel Neil Campbell

A fine silver mounted dirk made by James & William Marshall of Edinburgh with hallmarks for 1856. This attractive dirk is mounted with black bog oak grips to the dirk, by-knife and by-fork, all decorated with a cut basket weave pattern of interlace. The offset pommels are mounted with solid silver bands formed with thistles and foliage topped with finely cut multi-facetted citrines. The ....

££3450 Scottish Basket Hilted Broadsword Dating to the Mid 17th Century

A Scottish basket hilted broadsword dating to the middle of the 17th century. The basket is of early form made up of robust bars and small central panels to the front and butterfly shaped guards to the sides. It closely resembles the baskets of a number of swords illustrated in "British Basket-Hilted Swords" by Cyril Mazansky (Boydell Press 2005), and in particular referenc....

With iron hilt, the pierced shell guard chiseled with relief portraits of King Charles I (1625-49) and Queen Henrietta Maria. Copper wire and band wrapped grip. 27 1/4" curved blade chiseled with the running wolf mark. Two swords with very similar hilts are recorded. The first is illustrated in Arms & Armour in Stuart and Tudor London, Holmes Pl. XVIII (Museum of London Coll.) and the second i....

3950 Euro German Sinclair type sabre
Sabre with strong blade, grooved wooden grip, shellguard, very good overall condition, 17th century

3950 Euro Baroque german rapier
Transitional rapier, 17th century with rich decoration

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£3350 Beautiful British Heavy Dragoon Pattern Flintlock Pistol
The pistol pattern as was used in the seven years war against France in the Americas by the British heavy dragoons. With it´s typical long barrel, brass land pattern furniture, good tight mainspring on the double lined steel lock, that was engraved [refreshed]. It also bears the traditional crowned GR mark and ordnance pattern stamp. This is a beautiful looking pistol of superb proportions. ....

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£3350 Wonderful King George IIIrd Hussars Sword With Masonic All Seeing Eye
Heavy combat weight grade. All the original mercurial gilt is remaining and pristine. The hilt is a single piece of finest carved chequered ivory with a single flower head tang rivet and a portopee ring at the pommel. At the central section of the quillons, on both sides, is an engraved ´all seeing eye´ within a sunburst, sometimes referred to as the eye of providence, the traditional....

£3,350 post 1809 pattern Brown Bess 83 Royal Glasgow Regiment.
A good post 1809 pattern Brown Bess 83 Royal Glasgow Regiment.

A good post 1809 pattern Brown Bess, 39" barrel with Ordnance proofs, regulation border engraved lock with ring neck cock marked Tower & crown over GR with viewer’s mark & Tower on the tail. Walnut full stock with regulation brass furniture with sling swivels and steel ramrod. Tail of butt plate engraved ’R....

This sword is distinguished both for its quality and being in pristine condition. The hilt elements are chiseled in high relief and chased to a jewelers standard. The decoration interestingly consists of central panels of flowers of various types with foliage, flanked by small displays of arms. All of the relief decoration is blued, now fading to brown. Foliage fills the balance of the surfaces an....

Large fighting proportions with 31 1/2" broad flattened triangular section blade, unmarked as typical and showing smooth mottled gray patina over original cross polish. The hilt with symmetrical dished shell guards finely pierced and chased in high relief with a lattice enclosing flower buds, flanking a panel of military arms, each shell each side. The edges pierced and chiseled in meandering foli....

3800 Euro US light cavalry officer sabre
Sabre has gilded barss mounts, has a nice scroll engraved with american eagle scabbard, nice blued and gilded blade, grip of carved bone, circa 1810/1820

GERMAN SWEPT HILT RAPIER: circa 1590-1610. Passau wolf in the right fuller. 39 ¾” blade, 1
1/8” wide. Very old museum quality wire wrapping on the grip. Very nice dark grey patina overall. Nice original untouched condition.

4,100 GBP 13th/18th Hussars Officer's Mameluke Sword.
A good example of the regimental pattern.
Curved scimitar blade with etched decoration depicting a crowned GvR cypher
and to the reverse a regimental device. The hilt with cross guard embossed
with floral decoration and mounted to the centre with silvered regimental
device bearing the motto "Pro Patria Conamur". Two piece ivorine
grip with two gilt floral pateri and edged with ....

Made for the gauntleted hand. Iron hilt with scroll terminal cross guard supporting a pair of arms with oval rings both sides connected by bars to the cross guard. Large olive form pommel. Fine copper and iron wire wrapped grip. 33 1/2" blade with fullered forte marked SEBASTIAN HERNANDEZ/IN TOLEDO. See Wallace Collection Catalog p.273, item A532 for a rapier marked by that maker dated C.1620, and....

£3,250 Good 1801 Pattern Long Sea Service Pistol
A Good 1801 Pattern Long Sea Service Pistol

£3,250 1803 Rifle Officer’s Sword
An 1803 Rifle Officer’s Sword

An 1803 Rifle Officer’s Sword 321/2&157;" overall. 28" curved blue & gilt blade, on one side engraved with crowned GR trophy of arms and Hercules and engraved warranted and on the other with Royal coat of arms, standing figure of Britannia. Gilt Brass knuckle bow with Crowned GR and a rifle horn Lion’s head pommel, with black fish s....

£3,250 New Land Pattern Pistol to The 13th Regiment of Light Dragoons .
A New Land Pattern Pistol to The 13th Regiment of Light Dragoons .

££3250 Mid 18th Century Silver Mounted Scottish Dirk

A good quality, elegant, Highland Scottish dirk, in good condition, dating to the middle of the 18th century. It is fashioned with a grip made from bog oak with silver mounts and is armed with a cut down broadsword blade marked with "Kings Head" marks on either side. The overall length is just over 20 inches (52 cm).

The grip has a rich, deep, dark patina. It is cut with six columns....

££3250 Scottish Backsword with Wrigglework to Hilt Circa 1730

A good Scottish basket hilted backsword dating to the second quarter of the 18th century with the scarce feature of "wrigglework" visible on the main guard panels. The sword is of robust proportions and in tight condition.
The fully formed basket is constructed in the usual manner from thick iron forged into two main guard panels and three secondary guard panels which are....

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£3250 Superb 17th Lancers Regimental Officers Sword, Victorian to WW1
A most rare and desirable Victorian pattern regimental sword used by an officer in one of the world´s great and legendary regiments. Used before, and up to the end of WW1. Although a pattern of British Cavalry sword that had been replaced by the later 1912 officers pattern cavalry sword, they were still more popular than it´s straight and thrusting sucessor with many serving officers o....

£3,250 Rare blunderbuss pistol by H.W. Mortimer.
A rare blunderbuss pistol by H.W. Mortimer.

£3,250 A Manton officer’s fusil
A Manton officer’s fusil

A Manton officer’s fusil 58" overall. 42" 11 bore barrel with straight rifling, flat top with bead foresight engraved ’Manton Dover Street’. Flat lockplate with swan neck cock & semi-waterproof pan, roller on frizzen spring, engraved barrel tang. Fitted with white metal mounts comprising patchbox, engraved buttplate, scroll trigge....

£3,250 French Charleville musket pattern 1777
A French Charleville musket pattern 1777

A French Charleville musket pattern 1777, 55 1/2&157; overall, 40 1/2&157; barrel in .69 calibre, barrel breech with inspector&#acute;s mark. Patinated rounded lock plate with ring neck cock, iron pan & bridle to frizzen with inspector&#acute;s mark. Walnut full stock with scalloped butt, deeply impressed stamp for Paris with iron furniture comprisi....

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£3250 Superb 1st Grenadier Foot Guards Officer´s Sword, Deluxe Blade
Used by an officer of the 1st Foot Guards, Grenadier Co. [that later became the Grenadier Guards]. Amongst other notable glories it is renowned as the famed regiment of Waterloo. Made and used in the Grenadier´s campaigns in the Peninsular War, Quatre Bras & Waterloo. This is a simply stunning and magnificent sword [made in around 1790] from one of the most glorious and historical regiments ....

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£3250 American War of independence Era 1773-1788 British Light Dragoon Sword.
Brass stirrup hilt now finely heavily patinated, a very long clipped back blade 35.5 inch long. Fishskin bound grip. This sword is so rarely seen, with little known of it´s origins, and as very few remain in existance it rarely appears photographed in any reference books on British swords. Little or no documentation on it´s order and manufacture exists. What is known, is that it is est....

£3,250 very good pair double barrelled Flintlock Tap Action Pocket Pistols.
A very good pair double barrelled Flintlock Tap Action Pocket Pistols.

A very good pair double barrelled Flintlock Tap Action Pocket Pistols. 71/4&157;" overall. 2" round steel turn off barrels with London Proofs, rectangular framed box lock action, trophy of arms engraving & ’Palmer ’ & ’Rochester’ Lever for tap to left hand side, centrally mounted co....

£3,250 Grenadier company officer&#acute;s sword by Dawes
Grenadier company officer&#acute;s sword by Dawes

£3,250 English Dragoon back sword
An English Dragoon back sword

An English Dragoon back sword 37 1/2&157; overall, 32&157; single edged blade with twin fullers. Basket comprising a lattice of bars with oval rein, domed pommel with fish skin grip and twisted steel wire grip.
Hilt in very good condition, blade with some old pitting.
 Provenance Robert E Brooker Jr Collection author of British Military Pist....

3750 Euro Gendarmerie des Ports officer sabre
Sabre has a cast brass hilt with anchor at the middleguard, 3 brass mounts leather scabbard, plain blade, circa 1825

3750 Euro Garde Nationale NCO sapeur's sabre
Sabre has a cast formerly gilded hilt with cock head pommel and guard with lions head, scabbard en suite with palmet hanger, very nice blade marked with a beehive and entirely etched engraved till the tip, circa 1830

3700 Euro Napoleon 1st Swiss regiments of sapeur sabre
Strong sabre with cast brass hilt with lion head, leather scabbard with 2 copper mounts, strong blade engraved COULAUX FRERES A KLINGENTHAL with saw teeth blade. Rare

£3,195 Royal Highland Regiment basket hilted sword
A Royal Highland Regiment basket hilted sword

A Royal Highland Regiment basket hilted sword 39&157; overall, 32 1/2&157; straight back sword blade with single fuller, stamped with a crowned GR and &#acute;Drury&#acute; to both sides. Basket hilt comprising 5 pierced panels and bars with cone shaped pommel and original shark skin grip with copper wire
. C1777 / 84
A fine and rare sword in ver....

£3,195 post 1809 India pattern Brown Bess musket
A post 1809 India pattern Brown Bess musket

A post 1809 India pattern Brown Bess musket. 55&157; overall with 39&157; round barrel with Kings proofs at the breech and inspectors marks on the tang. Border engraved lock plate. Stamped &#acute;Tower&#acute; on the tail. Crowned &#acute;G.R&#acute; with ordinance marks. Border engraved ring neck cock with regulation brass mounts comprising butt pl....

££3150 Civil War Period Mortuary Back Sword

English "Mortuary" hilted back sword dating to the middle part of the 17th century. The workmanship is a good example of the English Civil War period armourers craft. The hilt is of typical form consisting of a broad boldly manufactured dish-shaped guard plate from which three main guard bars extend with the flattened terminals screwed into the pommel. The spaces between these bars....

3600 Euro 1st Empire sabre of an infantry officer on horse
Sabre with ebony grip and silvered brass mounts, blued and gilded blade

Perhaps Flemish, this sword bears the name of the seller, Bressard, of rue du Madeline, Brussels, at the forte. Above, an angle with flag and impaled coronet indicating the nobility of its owner. The iron hilt is beautifully enriched with high relief figures of military arms, musical instruments flags, foliage and the globe, on a rich gold ground. The elements have symbolic meaning, some, such as ....

The French Revolution, inspired by the successful American Revolution, came on the heels of social and cultural change. Class distinction, long accepted and thought by the nobility to be a birthright, divided the populous. This sword was carried by a member of the upper class. Its silver hilt is delicately pierced and embellished with faceted stud designed to glitter in the candle lit world of the....

Changing fencing techniques necessitated greater protection from the frontal thrust and resulted in guard variations including the cup hilt, dish hilt and shell guard, all of which were produced simultaneously. The shell guard portends the smallsword hilt which remained effective for over 150 years. This example with its 34 1/4” SOLINGEN marked blade relies for its primary defense, on a pair of ....

3500 Euro 2d model Restoration Garde du Corps du Roi sabre
Sabre has a gilded brass hil with the coat of arms of France, rayskin grip, made in Klingenthal with engraved blade signed and dated 1814, iron scabbard of the second model

3500 Euro French gilt small-sword circa 1720
Triangular colichemarde blade, with ornamental etching at the forte.
Iron gilt hilt finely chiseled and , profusely cut with metaphorical figures and scenes in relief.
Original twisted silver wire grip winding and Turk´s heads.
Total length 95 cm in outstanding condition and remarkable quality.
The figures on the hilt could be a scene of slave trade.
By the 1720s, French private trade....

This large rapier was produced for private purchase and could have served a military officer or civilian equally well. The deep iron cup protected the hand which was positioned with two fingers ahead of the cross guard. The large pommel balanced the blade which bears the motto AUDACES FORTUNA JUVA TIMIDOSQUE REPELLIT (Fortune favors the bold and repels the coward). The proportions suggest use on h....

This is an exceptional example of the type of side arm carried for civilian protection throughout Europe and America in the mid 17th century. A troubled world saw Civil War in England on the tails of the Thirty Years War which devastated Northern Europe. The hilt is chiseled in high relief with hounds heads on serpentine bodies which bear a distinct resemblance to the dolphin heads popular in Ital....

3,800.00 USD GERMAN RAPIER C.1660-80
This is an example of the rapier in Northern Europe as it evolved in the second half of the 17th century. A lighter hilt provided greater maneuverability without sacrificing protection. The design here employs an intriguing slender profile with slightly concave surfaces, probably a further effort to optimize weight, with a very handsome result.
Blade length: 32 1/4"

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£3000 King George IIIrd Regency Centre Collumn Sabre Leg Pembroke Table
In beautiful flame mahogany, central collumn sabre leg with brass paw feet, two folding flaps,one drawer one dummy drawer. Top in need of very minor polish.NBBB

Currently showing 301 to 350 of 1441 items.

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