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3.300 euro very nice Belgium Antique Pair of Flintlock Pistols with bayonets
A very nice Belgium Antique Pair of Flintlock Pistols with bayonets, caliber 12 mm, length with bayonet 32 cm, in very good condition. Price 3.300 euro

££2750 Early Scottish Basket Hilted Sword Dating to the middle of the 17th century

A Scottish basket hilted broadsword in unusually attractive and original condition dating to the Civil War period. The sword is published in the 2015 Park Lane Arms Fair Catalogue in a paper entitled "Notes on the dating of early Glasgow Style Scottish Basket-Hilted Swords".
The basket is of early form made up of robust bars and small central panels to the frontal guards. I....

££2750 Highland Scottish Powder Horn Dated 1684

A well formed and well engraved, late 17th century Highland Scottish powder horn dated 1684.
The horn is made from the pointed end of a cow horn which has been heat-flattened and pressed into shape. The outer side is profusely decorated with panels of typical Celtic / Gaelic interlace, scrollwork and fans within a lined border. The inner side is decorated with three bands of cusped orna....

£2,750 A 1801 Pattern Long Sea Service Pistol
A 1801 Pattern Long Sea Service Pistol

A 1801 Pattern Long Sea Service Pistol. 12&157; barrel with ordnance proofs. The boarder engraved lock plate stamped &#acute;Tower&#acute; with crown & &#acute;GR&#acute; & inspector&#acute;s mark. The walnut full stock with stamped ordnance & storekeeper&#acute;s mark including the ramrod channel. Brass tipped ramrod. Belt hook.

££2750 Persian Karud With Fine Watered Steel Blade 18th or 19th Century

A fine Persian Karud or Pesh-Kabz, with straight tapering blade of reinforced "T" section made from watered pattern fine grey wootz steel with raised and polished cutting edge. The grip scales are of attractive mottled horn cut with horizontal raised bands held together with studs. The pommel has a raised, hinged, pierced suspension loop. The scabbard is formed from wood covered wi....

££2750 Highland Scottish Powder Horn Dated 1683

A well formed and beautifully engraved late 17th century Highland Scottish powder horn dated 1683.
The horn is fashioned from the pointed end of a cow horn which has been heat-flattened and pressed into shape. The outer side is profusely decorated with panels of typical Celtic / Gaelic interlace, scrollwork and fans within a lined border. The inner side is decorated with four bands of c....

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£2750 Japanese WW2 Officer´s Sword Ritsumeikan Tarenjo Smith, Sakurai Masayuki
With a beautiful, polished, gendaito blade by Masayuki an incredibly vibrant hamon. All good traditional type 95 mounts and tsuba, with a leather bound combat steel saya. A very good and sound example of these much sought after swords of Imperial Japan, Ritsumeikan Tarenjo

Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto had a small forge (tanrenjo) set up during World War II which made swords for the militar....

££2750 English Boat-Shell Guard Silver Hilted Smallsword by William Kinman hallmarked for 1764/5

A remarkable 18th century English silver hilted small sword in good condition with hallmarks for London 1764/5. The maker is William Kinman, one of the foremost makers of silver hilted swords in London in the 18th century, and whose work represents the highest standards of English craftsmanship. This sword is mounted with a boat-shell guard. A near identical sword is illustrated in &qu....

£2750.00 4 Barrelled Percussion Pistol

A Scarce Four-Barrelled Percussion Box-Lock Turn-Over Pistol by S. Nock, London. With sighted one-piece barrel block with four integral sunken ribs decorated with scrolling foliage at the breech, foliate engraved action signed on the tang, rounded engraved dolphin hammers, finely chequered rounded butt with engraved pommel incorporating butt-trap, with scroll engraved hinged cover, scroll engrav....

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£2750 English Charles IInd Transitional Rapier With Dish Hilt Circa 1660
Plain blade 39” of stout flattened diamond section, the hilt with fluted dish guard, large pas d’ane rings, chiselled spherical finial to quillon, baluster knucklebow and plain ovoid pommel, the grip of chain link and twisted iron wire with Turks heads. Good Condition.The transitional rapiers bridged the evolution of the rapier, from the swept hilt and cup hilt types, to the much more di....

££2750 Fine English Proto Mortuary Type Sword Dating to the Second Quarter of the 17th Century

A fine and imposing English back sword dating to the second quarter of the 17th century. The hilt is a scarce form in transition from the typical English swords of the late 16th and early 17th centuries and the arrival of the "Mortuary" hilt proper in the English Civil War period.
The hilt consists of a broad boldly manufactured dish-shaped guard plate from which three m....

£2750.00 Historic Blue & Gilt Sword
New item, description to follow.

£2,745 French Garde du Roi 1816 model pistol
A French Garde du Roi 1816 model pistol

A French Garde du Roi 1816 model pistol 14" overall. 8" round barrel signed ’St Etienne Mfr Royale’, ring neck cock, brass pan with brass mounts, butt cap with three fleur de lys. Walnut full stock, spring retained fore-end cap, steel ramrod.
Generally good condition, old repaired crack in  butt.
Images courtes....

3500 USD 18th C. English Sawback Hunting Sword Flintlock Pistol Combination
This is a very rare British Hunting sword Flintlock pistol combination dating from around 1740. This type of sword pistol became affectionately known as the Pirate Captains sword¸ as it was favored by pirates including¸ supposedly Captain Bartholomew Roberts. The strait sawback blade has 2 deep narrow fullers. The fuller adjacent to the spine and the saw teeth run from the ricaso....

3500 GBP Samurai sword by Yamashiro no Kami Fujiwara no Nobutoshi
This Nobutoshi is 1st gen Nobutoshi.

His real name is Kuroda Seiemon.

Nobutoshi worked on Tenwa era in Himeji castle

Cutting edge : 63.3cm

Sori : 0.8cm

Jigane : Itame-hada and masame-hadaÃ

$3495 USD Fine Dutch Rapier, ca. 1630
Symmetrical steel hilt featuring flower petal shaped dish
guard with six sections, each filled with a fine pierced plate (one with small
damage, see photo). Quillons with large scroll finials and a pair of diagonal
bars connecting to the dish guard; long fluted quillon block; fluted ovoid
pommel with button; spiral grip with original twisted iron wire wrap. Unmarked
slender 38 ½&quo....

$3495 USD Chiseled and Silver Inlayed Smallsword, ca. 1680
Iron hilt featuring asymmetrical shell guard, pas d"e;ane, knucklebow, and
spherical pommel, chiseled ensuite with silver inlayed human figures and foliage
on a blackened background (minor silver loss). Wood grip with alternating
twisted iron and copper wire and copper turks heads top and bottom.
Hexagonal-section 28 1/4" blade engraved with foliage and the framed cabalistic

3250 Euro Long boxlock french flintlock pistols
Pair of screw-off barrel pistols, with security behind the folding trigger, engraved, in very good condition (traces of blue), circa 1780, 31 cm long

3.250 euro very nice Antique 18th Century English Flintlock Blunderbuss Gun by John Bumford London
A very nice Antique 18th Century English Flintlock Blunderbuss Gun by John Bumford London, caliber 3,3 cm, length 81 cm, in very good condition. Price 3.250 euro

3250 Euro 1st Empire Commissaire at War sabre
Nice silver stamped grip of the defined model, blued and gilded blade, ebony grip, no scabbard

3.250 euro very nice Antique 16th Century German Sword by Standler in Munchen
A very nice Antique 16th Century German Sword by Standler in Munchen, length 83 cm, in very good condition. Price 3.250 euro

3.250 euro very nice Antique 17th Century Spanish Cuphilted Rapier
A very nice Antique 17th Century Spanish Cuphilted Rapier, signed JULIAN GARCIA, length 112 cem, in very good condition. Price 3.250 euro

£2,700 New Land Pattern Pistol to 19th Light Dragoons
A New Land Pattern Pistol to 19th Light Dragoons

A New Land Pattern Pistol to F Troop to the 19th Light Dragoons. 9" barrel with ordnance proofs. Stepped bolted lock with engraving at tail, engraved ’Tower’ with crown over ’GR’, semi-waterproof pan, flat ring necked cock, walnut fullstock with faint storekeeper’s mark & ordnance ownership mark beside trig....

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£2695 Very Scarce Scottish Basket Hilted 18th Century Fencible Regiment Sword
With distinctive two part centrally welded basket, in sheet iron, with scrolls and thistles there over. Interesting original regimental swords of the 18th century, from Scottish regiments are very much sought after throughout the entire world. Scottish Fencible Regiment´s swords are now jolly rare indeed, yet they bare highly distinctive in their unique form. Fancy carved replacement grip. S....

Contained in its rare original sharkskin covered silver mounted scabbard. The hilt with symmetrical shell guards with elegant raised edge members. The knuckle with matching raised decoration. The left shell with double hallmarks. Elegant counterguard of flattened members with scrolling foliate supports and curved quillon with raised stepped side. Pommel of faceted inverted pear form with flared ba....

3,450.00 USD GERMAN RAPIER C.1650-60
This is a fighting sword which portends the lighter small swords which followed but is firmly rooted in the mid 17th century. The pierced and chiseled steel hilt is related to a group of dish hilt rapiers generally identified as Solingen, C.1635-45. They are decorated with the same bold chiseled foliage and incorporate a repeated motif of either a cornucopia or flower basket. An example of the for....

This sword exemplifies two extremes for its period. Its 34" colichemarde blade is among the longest for its type and the form, with expanded forte, was considered optimal at the time, combining improved thrusting ability as well as increased defensive quality. The iron hilt is of large proportions and embellished by jewelry quality hand piercing and finishing. The guard, pommel and quillon block a....

3200 Euro Restoration period GENDARMERIE ROYALE sabre
Sabre has a gilded brass hilt ( cracks on the bars), blade signed Coulaux Frères and blued and gilded blade marked GENDARMERIE (ROYALE, erased in 1830), lilie flower on the pommel, correct scabbard

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£2675 Early 18th Century Scottish Basket Hilted Broadsword
Possibly by John Simpson of Glasgow. Certainly in his manner but no initials remain on the guard to identify it. With a wide broadsword blade that stills bears the remains of some decorative engraving. A Good Original early Scottish Basket Hilted Broad Sword, a typical sword as used in the Dundee Rising, the first Jacobite Rebellion of 1715 and the second rebellion in 1745. Although each Jacobite ....

£2,650 1803 Rifle Officer’s Sword
An 1803 Rifle Officer’s Sword

££2650 English Silver Mounted Hanger circa 1680 by Thomas Vicaridge of London

An attractive and rare, late 17th century English silver-mounted hanger, in good, crisp and uncleaned condition. The knucklebow is clearly struck twice with the pre-Britannia standard (pre 1697) maker's mark of Thomas Vicaridge, "TV"with a crown above and a pellet below inside a shield. Only a few surviving swords signed by this maker are known and all are of high quality. The....

££2650 Silver Hilted Hunting Sword by Thomas Vicaridge

An attractive and rare, late 17th century English silver-mounted hunting sword by Thomas Vicaridge of London, with scabbard, in good, crisp condition. Only a few surviving swords signed by this maker are known and all are of high "London" quality.
The silver knucklebow is designed with two running hounds chasing a stag. The quillon terminal is pierced with a face inside leaf fini....

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£2650 Superlative Imperial Japanese"Koa Isshin Mantetsu Steel Officer´s Sword
One of the highly desirable, signed Koaisshin Mantetsu swords. Signed blade, Koaisshin Mantetsu , dated Showa Mizunoe Uma Shu, or “Year of the Showa Horse in Autumn” (Autumn 1942). It has been said, a Koa Isshin would, in the right hands, make mincemeat of chain mail and probably seriously damage modern plate armour. Koa Isshin swords are superb, high quality, cutting instruments that e....

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£2650 Most Rare Official Pat.Victorian British Trinity House Naval Pattern Sword
Possibly one of, if not the, earliest dedicated pattern ´Trinity House´ Elder Brother officer´s sword in existance. It is recorded that the earliest known dedicated sword for Trinity House so far is an example made in 1905 for John Poynce Spencer 5th Earl Spencer [great, great, grandfather of HRH Princess Diana of Wales] for his appointment as an Elder Brother of Trinity House. A....

££2650 English Civil War Period Mortuary Sword

A good English "Mortuary" back sword dating to the middle part of the 17th century. The main guard plate is delicately decorated with incised and pierced foliage and scrolls plus typically four images of a face commonly thought to represent the head of King Charles I. The workmanship is a good example of the English Civil War period armourers craft.
The hilt is of typ....

Of large fighting proportions, this sword reiterates its purpose in the particularly high relief pierced decoration of military drums, flag splays and a cannon. The oval guard incorporates a shell splay front and back, in the increasingly popular rococo style. The guard arms are struck with London hall marks and the maker's mark of George Fayle (entered 1767). The date letter is indecipherable....

A fine example of a type which evolved about 1645 in response to changing social customs and swordsmanship and remained popular for about a generation. Called by collectors, pillow swords in recent years, they were more likely known to their owners as scarf swords. Norman discusses this and the method in which they were worn in The Rapier and Smallsword 1460-1820, page 186. Its contemporaries in N....

3150 Euro Imperial Guard Dragoon officer sabre
Sabre has a shell type hilt with a nice blade with gold remnants engraved with the Eagle and the marking Coulaux Frères Manuf de Klingenthal, reconstructed scabbard

2,600 GBP very unusual 1788 pattern light cavalry sabre with a reticulated guard and a decorated ivory grip.
The reticulation can be folded so as to comply
with the pattern. The blade is approx 90 cms long (longer than usual) and
carries blue and gilt decoration for one third of its length that has
survived only in the smaller of the two fullers. Possibly unique.


Hilt elements all relief decorated in swirling broad ribs or beads including the silver grip. Those forms drawn from the baroque taste of the period. The rear arm of the guard with two hallmarks. 31 1/2" triangular section blade with large panel at the forte with maker's name and describing the location of his premises in Paris. The inscription weak on the right side. The blade with medium gra....

Napoleonic period C.1780-90. Large proportions. The hilt with well modeled lion head pommel and integral back strap. Shell terminal quillon with back facing langets. The stirrup form knuckle bow with scalloped edges and struck inside with Lyon ( ) hallmarks. The grip wrapped in fine chevron pattern silver wire in the French taste. 30 3/4" broad and narrow fullered shallow curved blade with glossy ....

A one of a kind (or bespoke) sword produced for an officer of noble lineage. The gilt hilt employs the four slot form guard with wavy outer bars and edges to the inner member. The pommel is a lion head of somewhat subdued attitude. The grip is one piece ivory with three concave oval escutcheons each side. Virtually all the original heavy gold overlay remains and the ivory is nicely toned with a fe....

The hilt decorated throughout in panels of swirls, radial splays and bordered beads. That relatively austere rendition is typical of its American counterparts and probably reflective of an owner with an orthodox religious disposition. The forward arm of the guard, as well as the base ferrule of the grip, are struck with hallmarks. The blade is of flattened diamond section. The first quarter is fin....

This sword is mounted with a steel hilt, finely chiseled in flags and military trophies. The decoration is in panels gilt overall in the Italian taste. The grip is finely wrapped in steel wire and copper bands, originally gilt. The blade, swelled at the forte (colichemarde form) is decorated with a coronet impaled with palm fronds over an armorial device of a raptor on a globe encoiled by a serpen....

3,300.00 USD SPANISH RAPIER C.1700
From a small well known group, including two in the Royal Armory at Leeds. The hilt with double shell guards engraved each side with a double headed bird flanked by pairs of lions. Straight cross guard and matching knuckle bow. Grip lacks the wire wrap. 32 3/4" blade, triple fullered at the forte and marked ANTONIO (?). Charming example.

The iron hilt of this sword is encrusted in silver including a central motif of cherub faces on a splay of arms, suggesting that it was made for a military officer, possibly of noble descent. The balance of the decoration repeats the theme within pellet borders containing scrolling foliage. The decoration is specifically of the fashion popular in England at the time. The blade decoration includes ....

24 5/8” length. Formed exactly as its bronze counter parts of so caller rapier form, identifying them as thrusting swords. The blade of slender leaf form, with thickened, perhaps originally ridged, medial. The base flared to secure to the wood, ivory or bone grip. While bronze swords of this form are found in many public collections, iron examples are exceedingly rare and most often represented ....

Classic example of the type identified as the first swords made in the New World. These were made in Caribbean in the 17th century and are well documented in literature including Arms and Armor in Colonial America, Peterson, Pl.78, and Spanish Military Weapons in Colonial America, Brinkerhoff & Chamberlain, where the chapter on swords is introduced with an example, pl.125 & 126. These were....

££2550 Good Scottish Basket Hilted Backsword Circa 1740

A good Scottish basket hilted backsword from the second quarter of the 18th century. The fully formed basket is of bold manufacture and pierced with hearts, circles and engraved with angular border line decoration to the main front and side panel guards. The basket is built from well formed bars and the guard panels are cut with fretted edges consisting of squares and merlons. An oval ring, ....

Currently showing 301 to 350 of 1462 items.

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