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A very rare Bavarian Officers dress sword dating from the Napoleonic period which combines a military style spadroon blade with a boat shell hilt - German made.

84cm (33) straight single fullered spadroon style blade with rounded point, and flat back. The blade is double edged for the last 15.5. The blade is engraved on both sides with floral designs and stylised stands of arms retaining tr....

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£975 Most Scarce 52nd Regt, of Light Infantry Pioneer Sword
This sword is an absolute beauty, and such a rare piece from the late Georgian era. It has a stunning cast brass hilt with a superb cast lion pommel and the regiment number of the 52nd and the Light Infantry Bugle. This sword was made specifically for the 52nd and we very rarely see examples of it from one decade to the next. Most examples have the saw back form, but this is the adapted, back-swor....

1,225.00 USD Served in colonial America and both side in the Revolution. ENGLISH SABER C.1775-85
Iron hilt, about identical to Neumann 152.S with faceted olive form pommel. Cross guard with side loop and connecting bar to the knuckle bow, both with faceted decoration. Copper tape wound spirally fluted grip covered with green stained polished ray skin. 29 5/8" straight d.e. blade with short fuller. Blade and hilt show scattered uniform light pitting blending to good gray patina. Grip excellent....

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£950 19th Century Medievil Style Knightly Sword
13th-14th Century style, but made in the Victorian era, most probably as a faithful representation and display piece for a country estate. In the early 19th century Sir Walter Scott´s novels created a great resurgence in the interest in romantic Knightly tales of derring do and chivalry, and this was strongly followed in architecture at the time. To reflect the interest, numerous great castl....



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£935 Superb & Elegant 19th Century Sword With Ancient Crest & Royal Crown
With a finest gilt and silver hilt, bearing the ancient crest of the City of London, and the Royal Crown pommel. The blade is fully etched, dark patinated. Maker marked from Chancery Lane. The form of sword as was worn by the former Lord Mayor of London in the 19th century. A sword very rarely seen today, and an absolute beauty.

$1195 USD English Napoleonic Era Dog Head Cutlass
Brass hilt with flat recurved quillons with scrolled finials.
Dog head pommel with integral backstrap and separate brass strap on the front of
the grip. Wood grip with black cloth wrap (shrunk with age and small tears).
Unmarked 22 ½" single-edged blade with round point. Original black leather
scabbard (leather slightly shrunken from age), embossed with circles and stars,

Brass hilt with thickened edge boat form guard, expanded cross guard and plumed helmet form pommel. Fine copper wire wrapped grip with turban knot terminals. 34", concave faced triangular section blade, just about as long as we have encountered for these, bright with some minor speckles only. Hilt excellent and tight with good patina and remnants of gold in protected places.

Revolution period C.1800-10. See Swords for Sea Service, pl.98. Brass hilt with Liberty cap pommel, flattened knuckle bow and cross guard, and broad beaded edge flattened boat form guard. Copper wire wrapped grip, twisted spiral flanked by straight filler wires, complete and original. Hilt shows good patina with considerable evidence of gold in protected areas. 28 1/4" straight broad fullered blad....

The sophisticated art of the Luba stands alone among Congolese peoples. Endowed with natural resources, they cultivated the arts at levels above their neighbors. In the third quarter of the 19th century, the culture collapsed as a result of factional infighting for succession. It was then that they turned to slaving, supplying slaves to the Portuguese in Angola. This example dates from that period....

Napoleonic period, C.1800-15. Typical form with reeded edge flat boat shaped guard, slightly recurved in section. Rectangular section cross guard and knuckle bow. Plumed helmet form pommel. Silver wire wrapped grip. The hilt elements heavily overlaid in silver virtually 100% intact. 27” triangular blade with Rouen maker's name and scrolling decoration. A family blade dating a generation or t....

Lavishly modeled hilt with eagle pommel and cruciform guard of thick foliage and rose (?) buds. Original knuckle chain with its spring loop fasteners. Fine one piece bone grip. 30 1/4” straight broad fullered blade decorated with large leafy foliage flanking, on one side a trophy of arms with central stars & bars motif. On the other, an eagle perched on a branch with E PLURIBUS UNUM banner. ....

From the famed Ruben Rubens collection, 33 1/4" length, carved wood with a long shaped grip and fanciful shaped blade with acutely raised false edge pierced for suspension of ornaments. This and the following item are undoubtedly part of the booty sacked from Benin by the British during the 1897 Punitive Expedition. See Pitt Rivers Museum, #1991.13.17 for another example with the blade sheathed in....

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£895 Fine 17th C. English Hunting Sword, King William and Queen Mary Décor.
Short double fullered blade. Antler handle, brass single bar hilt with cap pommel and single ovoid guard. Blade bears two armourer´s marks. Most unusual fully pierced shell guard decorated with two stylised heads in profile, of queen Mary on one side and the king William on the other. William and Mary were the co-regnants over the Kingdoms of England, Scotland, and Ireland, namely the Dutch ....

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£895 17th century Style Spanish Cup-Hilt Duelling Rapier
Slender thrusting blade with an offset single fuller on each side. Embossed steel cup with acanthus leaf scrolling and left and right hand gadrooning, rolled scroll edging. Long spiral writhen quillons. Wire twist grip with elaborate wire binding. Compressed, cut, cushion shaped pommel. Blade 32 inches long. 10 inches hilt width at the quillons. Made in the 19th century. Removed knuckle bow in it&....

£895 A French Charleville ANXII pistol
A French Charleville ANXII pistol

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£895 Spanish Heavy Cavalry of the Line Sword 1815 Pattern [1832M]
This sword has just returned after over a year and a half at our restorers awaiting completion. It came to us, originally, in a very sorry state indeed. We have undertaken what might be called a museum conservation restoration. The natural combat service denting and misshaping we have left as is, as honest battle scars, the rest has been conserved and re-polished to remove over a century and a hal....

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£895 Exceptional German Officers Sword With Eagle and Swastika Hilt
Gilt hilt with all original mirror gilt remaining, Swastika and Eagle langet, made by Alcoso. Alcoso of Solingen scales logo [Alexander Coppel GmbH Dove head pommel with eagle and swastika shield shaped quillon and deluxe oak leaf backstrap. Overall in fabulous condition. The German Army (German: Heer, was the land forces component of the Wehrmacht, the German armed forces, from 1935 to 1945. The ....

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£895 Very Good, Victorian, Wilkinson Sword, Royal Irish Lancers Sabre
Recorded in the Wilkinson Sword Register as belonging to a 5th Lancers Officer, Basil St.john Mundy from 1882. Basil St John Mundy was born on 4 April 1862, and appointed Lieutenant in the 1st Dragoon Guards on 2 August 1882, and transferred to the 5th Lancers shortly afterwards. He was promoted to Captain in August 1887 and promoted to Major in April 1897. He qualified and was awarded the Egypt a....

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£895 18th Cent. Flintlock ´Spring Gun´, As Used At Williamsburg Va.in 1775
It was this very type of gun that was part of the cause of the American War of Independence in Virginia in June 1775 [more of that to follow later]. An intriguing man-trap curiosa in the form of a flintlock gun trap, bed into a mount of harmless looking wooden log. It would be set, seeming innocent, upon a pile of old logs, but wired up to a set of trip wires. When a non too innocent trespasser, v....

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£895 Very Scarce British Colonial Flank Company Officer´s Sword Circa 1795
Swords of the EIC British officers were often quite distinctive in their extravagant design. This rare style is typically shown in this fine sword´s copper gilt hilt. With gilt rivetted wooden grip and extremely curved, flattened side, steel blade. In 1798, Tippu Sultan ruler of Mysore formed a vague alliance with the French, which gave the British governor-general Lord Wellesley a pretext t....

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£895 Very Good 18th Century British Hunting Type Naval Sword By Harvey
Circa 1750, in superb condition for age. Brass hilt the sheel guard knukle bow and polished walnut wooden grip, straight armourer´s marked blade with running fox by Harvey [Samuel]. Samuel Harvey Sr. was an English sword maker that provided cutlasses to the Royal Navy from 1748 to 1778. This would make a fine premier addition to any fine collection of early Royal Navy weaponry. A most deligh....

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£895 Fabulous 1821 Pattern British Cavalry Officers Sabre Crimean War Period
An absolute beautiful, original, antique Victorian bright and crisp battle-cum-dress sword used by a British light cavalry, hussar and lancer officer during the Crimean War, and in the Charge of the Light Brigade period. The sword is superbly balanced in wonderful condition.It has signs of combat use but is stunningly well preserved. The very type of Hussar´s and Lancer´s sabre as used....

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£895 Superb Near Mint Royal Naval Officers Sword With Portopee
Absolutely perfect for current service use, or as an original WW2 vintage collectable. Made by Gieves of Saville Row, King George VIth period WW2 . Named at the rear for it´s original owner. Blade retains some original etching after many polishes over the decades.The British, Royal Naval officer´s sword is as close to perfection as it is possible to be, and a joy to behold. Before Wilk....

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£895 Most Charming American 18th Century Officers and Dueling Sword Circa 1740
Used in the Indian French War and the American War of Independence. A beautiful and historical small-sword with it´s original plain black Japanning, and a very fine trefoil colishmarde blade. Plain and serene iron hilt, in very good shape, with low pas de ane. An egg-shaped pommel which is signally elegant. It also has it´s original triple wound fine wire grip binding, mounted top and ....

£895.00 Percussion Pistol

A Good Percussion Back-Action Pistol by Bond of London, With browned octagonal barrel signed ‘LONDON' along the top-flat, case hardened breech decorated with scrolling foliage, signed engraved back-action lock with foliate engraved cock, full-stocked in walnut cut with a band of chequering at the grip, vacant rectangular escutcheon, steel trigger guard decorated with a spray of foliage on ....

1050 Euro 1833 french boarding sword
Sabre is of black painted iron in very good condition, superb blade marked and signed Chatellerault 1841, black painted leather scabbard with brass mounts

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£875 Very Fine & Stunning German WW2 Officers Sabre By Pack
Deluxe quality example by the firm of Ernst Pack Solingen, Ernst Pack Sohne, M.B.H, Siegfried Waffen makers logo for the deluxe products. Suppliers to officers of the Third Reich from the early 1930´s and into WW2. Very finely chiselled cast hilt depicting the spread winged German eagle holding the wreathed swastika within its claws. The German Army (German: Heer, was the land forces compone....

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£875 Very Good German Officer´s Lion´s Head Pommel Sword, WW2 Swastika Langet
Made by Alcoso of Solingen scales logo [Alexander Coppel GmbH ]. Lion head pommel with eagle and swastika quillon. The German Army (German: Heer, was the land forces component of the Wehrmacht, the German armed forces, from 1935 to 1945. The Wehrmacht also included the Kriegsmarine (Navy) and the Luftwaffe (Air Force). During World War II, a total of about 15 million soldiers served in the German....

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£875 Very Good 1790´s Steel Hilted British Rifles Officer´s Sword.
All steel hilt, original deeply exaggerated curved flat sided blade, steel ´P´ hilt with original wire bound leather grip. A beautifual sword in lovely condition for age. Prior to the 1803 pattern sword, the British Light Infantry regiment´s officers of the 95th, 60th & 52nd etc. had the option to purchase and carry the standard 1796 Infantry sword, but many felt it´s blade....

A very interesting example of a French Solingen made small sword, possibly a Mourning Sword, dating from the early part of the 18thCentury

77.5cm (30.5) straight double edged diamond shaped narrow blade with needle point, and deep central fuller on both sides for the first 18cm. The blade is undecorated although the inside of the fuller is engraved with letters and symbols. One set appears ....



850GBP Household Cavalry Dress Sword c1840
Go to www.evenstarswords.co.uk for details.

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£845 Very Good Heer Officer´s Sabre WW2 Circa 1936
Gilt hilt with much original gilt remaining Swastika and Eagle langet, made by Alcoso. Alcoso of Solingen scales logo [Alexander Coppel GmbH Dove head pommel with eagle and swastika shield shaped quillon and deluxe oak leaf backstrap. Overall in fabulous condition. The German Army (German: Heer, was the land forces component of the Wehrmacht, the German armed forces, from 1935 to 1945. The Wehrmac....

Federal period c.1790. 24 1/8” straight s.e. blade with narrow back fuller, shows spotty dark gray patina. Brass hilt mounts with broad reversed scroll terminal guard. Faceted “cushion” form pommel and matching base ferrule to the reeded ebony grip. The pommel with eye for a chain guard no longer with it. Old worn over splinter to the grip below the pommel, otherwise hilt excellent.

33 3/4" hollow face triangular blade, unadorned as is typical for these which came into fashion at this time and remained so through the Napoleonic period. The length is exceptional indicating an owner of above average stature. Iron hilt with faceted grip, and urn form pommel. The grip, guard and pommel each with alternating circular depressions interwoven with serpentine lines of inset faceted st....

Brass hilt with stirrup form guard slotted for a sword knot. Ribbed bone grip. 30 1/2” curved, broad fullered blade. Scroll end blued segment first half, decorated with arms and drum splay one side, arms with Liberty Cap and Stars & Bars the other, both with gold inlay intact. The base with foliate splay each side with the gold a little weaker. The blue faded at the forte as well but quite b....

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£825 Very Good King William IVth Infantry Officers Sword 1830
With almost all it´s original mercurial gilt intact. Gothic hilt with King William IVth crest. Pipe back blade. This is the very kind of sword used by Lt. Bromhead [as played by Michael Caine in "Zulu"] at Rorkes Drift in 1879. Photo in the gallery from the film "Zulu" and Michael Caine as Bromhead with his sword [for information only not included]. The 1822 pattern of sw....

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£825 Good 17th Century English Hunting Sword. Inlaid With Gold Alloy Blade.
Latin inscription FIDES ED CVIVIDE [?] on both side of the blade in gold alloy. Staghorn grip steel hilt. 20 inch blade. In the days of the early Royal Navy, officers carried short swords in the pattern of hunting swords, with both straight or curved blades, fancy mounted single knucklebow hilts with principally stag horn or reeded ebony grips. The hilt was usually repousse with a floral and figur....

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£820 French Mid to Late 19th Century Heavy Cavalry Sword
Typical Cuirassier double fullered 95 cm straight blade, aresenal engraved along the spine, Manf D´armes Du Chatl: Avril 1874 Cavalrie De Reserve [Cuirassiers] Mdl. 1854. All steel, single ring combat scabbard. Brass guard, somewhat of the Sabre de Cavalerie modele M1822 type, with replaced leather bound grip. Much of the French heavy cavalry wore armoured cuirass and were armed with their s....

Standard pattern, Peterson #30. Iron hilt, the knuckle bow dated 1821. Leather covered grip complete and intact. 32” clipped point broad fullered curved blade well marked at the forte in four lines, US/ P(proved)/ L S (Luther Saures, inspector) and N STARR. Blade crisp with mottled discoloration and minimal oxidation. Hilt excellent with glossy patina. Original scabbard with a few dents toward t....

Iron hilt decorated overall with a lattice of foliage with flower heads at the intersection. The silver strong and virtually complete but for light wear to the underside of the pommel and a few small flakes otherwise. 28 1/4" s.e. blade with strong ricasso with narrow fuller at each edge. Broad and narrow fullers each side nearly full length. Each side with a concentric circle mark at the forte an....

975 GBP 1804 pattern naval cutlass by Osborn and Gunby. The sword measures 33 3/8 ths overall and the blade is 28 7/8ths in length.
The blade is unfullered and marked Osborn
& Gunby on the back. It has been purposely blunted at some moment. It is
also marked with the Royal Cypher and what are likely to be rack markings.
The whole in very good condition

975 euro very nice Antique German Hunting Sword
A very nice Antique German Hunting Sword, circa 1730, length 77 cm, in very good condition. Price 975 euro

950 euro very nice Personalised German WWII Officers Sword with Knot
A very nice Personalised German WWII Officers Sword with Knot, by ALCOSO SOLINGEN, length 98 cm, in mint condition. Price 950 euro

£795 A foot Guards Pattern 1854 Grenadier Guards Officer&#acute;s sword
A foot Guards Pattern 1854 Grenadier Guards Officer&#acute;s sword

£795 1751 type militia hanger.
A 1751 type militia hanger.

A 1751 type militia hanger. 34&157; overall with 28 1/2&157; straight blade with single narrow fuller. Brass bowl guard, knuckle bow and grip. Urn shaped pommel and ring turned grip. Complete with its original brass mounted black leather scabbard.
In very good condition apart from quillen which is broken off.
Circa 1750
Images courtesy of West Street Antiques (....

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£795 Very Good Pre-War German Officers Sword Used In WW2
Photograph in the gallery of Field Marshal von Kliest with his identical sword. It has spent two whole days in the workshop having the hilt specialist hand cleaned to conserve the gilt finish. Pristine gilt remaining to the hilt, synthetic ruby stone eyes oak leaf backstrap. Super deluxe double etched blade. Made by Weyersberg of Solingen. Overall in fabulous condition. Paul Ludwig Ewald von Kleis....

Currently showing 701 to 750 of 1462 items.

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