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£1795 Solid Silver Slotted Hilt British ´Naval´ Officers Sword, Made in 1798
A spadroon, of hallmarked London silver. Finely engraved blade bearing the cypher of King George IIIrd. Spiral wooden grip, hardened leather scabbard. From an esteemed private collection and it bears the collection exhibit number on the blade forte. This is the form of sword as was highly favoured by British naval officers in the turn of the 18th century. Before 1805 the naval anchor was more ofte....

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£1795 Singularly Fine 18th C. British Light Inf. Sword, Captured French Blade
The blade is identical to a sword blade from a very fine French Oriental Du Consulat Officer´s Sword illustrated in Armes Blanches, Symbolism, Inscriptions, Marquages, Forbisseurs by Jen Hoste and Jean-Jaques Buigne. Page 13../ The symbols engraved are the crescent moon with star constellation with Venus, and the resplendent sun. The moon was the symbol for the man, for death and for life, t....

2850 USD M 1833 Dragoon Saber - Ames
Fine M 1833 Dragoon Saber - Ames

This sword represents, in silver, a style which became near universal for the period, most often in polished steel. Its elaborately pierced and studded hilt, which bears Paris hallmarks for 1798, is designed to dazzle in sun or candle light. The blade bears relatively simple decoration, embellished in gold, including a panel with a cabalistic inscription. It dates to the Directory period which pre....

Indian maiden pattern (1821 pattern, Peterson #69) with specific South Carolina theme. Fully modeled Indian Maiden pommel. The counter guard with the Indian maiden with bow and arrow is repeated in full figure. She holds a staff mounted by a Liberty cap, obscured by a palmetto. Behind, a stars & bars shield with a broad ribbon gracefully forming an X obscuring it. To the left, the American eag....

2850 USD M 1840 Cavalry Officer Saber
M 1840 Cavalry Officer Saber - transition 1840 / 1860 period blade by Clemen & Jung

2850 USD Non Regulation - Scroll Hilt - Oregon Terr. Seal
Non Regualtion - "Scroll Hilt" - Gold wash blade - Oregon Territory Seal.

$2,850.00 SPANISH RAPIER CA.1690
This beautiful Spanish espada de conchas dates to late 17th-early 18th c. Blade is 98 cm long, marked IN SOLINGEN on both sides. Rapier is 112 cm overall. The wonderful hand-chiseled hilt features stylized lions, crowns, birds, florals and has decorative cut-outs on the edges. The rapier is tight and nicely-balanced. Excellent, expressive Spanish sword!

2600 Euro Pair boxlock flintlock pistols
Nice small pair pistols from Liège in very fresh condition, nice engravings and carved grips

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£1775 Stunning Early Yataghan Sword with Gold Onlaid and Ivory Hilt, Islamic
Antique 18th -19th century Turkish Ottoman Sword Yatagan with a characteristic ear shaped hilt. The hilt is made of two large pieces of finely carved ivory mounted in gold overlaid metal, decorated with a typical Balkan raised flower head design which extends down the blade, with pyramidical knobs on the pommel area. The ivory is most likely walrus, but, it may also be mammoth, as several we have....

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£1765 Very Good Napoleonic, British 1796 Light Dragoon Officer´s Sabre
Engraved blade with GR III. The leather and steel mounted scabbard, Solingen blade. A mighty swash buckling, sprauncy, officer´s battle sabre from the era of the great Napoleonic Wars, The Peninsular War and Waterloo. With good steel traditional curved form 32.5 inch blade. A traditional and hugely effective sabre of the early 1800´s British Cavalry Light Dragoon officers. An amazingl....

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£1750 Very Good Japanese Shin Gunto Officer´s Sword Of WW2
On would have to go a very long way to find a better quality and condition example. The blade is in very good condition indeed, in around 85% original polish with a few finger marks. The blade has a superb sanbonsugi hamon, signed with chrysanthemum stamp of the Showa Emperor. Likely gendaito traditional blade. Very good transitional mounts, of high quality and all in superb order. Signed Noshu ju....

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£1750 Original Spanish Cup Hilt Rapier 17th & 18th Century.
This is simply a fascinating sword in that in it´s working life has had a blade fitted from a 1796 British Heavy cavalry trooper´s sword. Early Spanish cup hilt rapiers often originally had long and slender blades, that in the 18th century were very often changed, due to the changing methods of sword combat, for heavier, shorter broadsword blades, as the cup hilted sword stayed in favo....

£1,750.00 Short Sea Service
New item, description to follow.

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£1750 Stunning Silver Mounted Caucasian Flintlock Decorated With Coral
Fine flintlock with superb engraving. The barrel has a fine Islamic maker´s seal stamp. The spring is very good and the action now excellent after servicing. This is a fine 18th century piece, used by the Cossacks and horsemen of the Ottoman Empire. They were also popular thoroughout Europe during the Napoleonic Wars.

This sword represents the rapier as it was used in Spain and her colonies in 18th century. It is, in fact, the final form of the rapier which, by this time had been replaced by the small-sword in the rest of Europe. It is a form of the cup-hilt with a solid "melon slice" form guard which extends to form the knuckle bow. The blade is earlier and signed JOHANNES BRACH. That signature was popular amo....

2800 USD Ivory grip Eagle hilt, blue, white & gold blade
 Tri - color blade. Engraved brass scabbard, ivory grip

2800 USD Sauerbier Brass hilt Non-regulation, Pewter grip
 Seldom seen pattern by Sauerbier

2800 USD Ames Mfg. Co. Militia officer, Knights head, MOP
Needle etched Ames address

2800 USD Horster, Civil War Non-Reg. Cavalry Officer
  Horster, Civil War Non-Reg. Cavalry Officer

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£1725 Fabulous Rare Light Infantry Sword, Circa 1790´s, With Talisman Blade
A superb King George IIIrd Light Infantry or Rifles Regt officer´s sabre. With it´s original mercurial gilt hilt bearing almost all it´s original burnished gilt finish. It has it´s original wire bound fish skin grip, Light Infantry bugle langet, and a deeply curved blade superbly engraved with King George IIIrd Royal cypher and secret Talismanic symbols. The crescent moon, ....

From 1618 to 1648, northern Europe was engulfed in a war which resulted in staggering death and destruction. In Germany, half of the males and a third of the total population died. Thousands of villages and castles were razed to the ground Militarily, it was the period of the decline in armor resulting from more effective and wider spread use of firearms. Items #933-935 are swords of the Thirty Ye....

2750 USD Rare variant M 1832 Foot Artillery Sword
Rare variant M 1832 Foot Artillery Sword By C. Klauberg New York

1,700 GBP flintlock blunderbuss by Wilson Circa 1810

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£1695 Very Good King George IIIrd 1756 Pat.Dragoon Flintlock of The EIC Cavalry
With fine walnut stock with traditional brass furniture and two British EIC heart marks Siege of Seringapatam period use, by such as the the British 19th or 25th Light Dragoons with the East India Company. The 19th played a major role in the Anglo-Mysore Wars and Anglo-Maratha Wars. Their first campaign was against Tipu Sultan of Mysore from 1790 to 1792. After defeating Tipu, the 19th were on gar....

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£1695 Fabulous 1800 British Light Dragoon Officer´s Sabre With Kilij Style Blade
This swords wonderful Kilij style blade is a superb British cutlers representation of those Kilij and Shamshir swords captured at the Battle of The Nile, in the Egypt Campaign at the the Battle of Aboukir and the Battle of Alexandria. With London maker engraved cartouch on the scabbard throat, that, although worn and indistinct, is likely by Gill of London. When one holds this sword one can easily....

£1,695 English officer&#acute;s Walloon hilted sword
An English officer&#acute;s Walloon hilted sword

An English officer&#acute;s Walloon hilted sword 40&157; overall, 33&157; double edged blade with 3 narrow fullers, engraved Andria Ferara, with Passau Wolf mark. Steel hilt with engraved and pierced shell guards, globular pommel, wooden grip with remnants of original brass wire.
Sword in very good condition with the exception of the ....

2700 USD M 1850 Foot Offcer mkd. H. G. Hamlin jr.
Rare m1850 Foot Officer Sword By H. G. Hamlin jr. Of Cincinatti, Ohio

The decline of the use of armor in response to the increased use of firearms resulted in fighting techniques which relied on agility and lighter weapons. The thrust became an effective attack and rapiers became smaller with hilts relying primarily on a frontal plate or pair of plates. This example is a dish hilt rapier in its later form. Its brass hilt was undoubtedly overlaid in gold originally. ....

2700 USD Solid Silver Hilt - Naval Officer Sword
Silver hilted -Non Regulation Naval Officer Sword. French pattern completely unmarked.

NORTHERN EUROPEAN RAPIER: Circa 1600. Transition from the long rapier to the shorter blade, as dictated by fashion of the 17th century. Original horsehair grip wrapping. Note the early “PAS D’ANE” 32 inch blade, 38 inches overall. This is a very unique and unusual style of rapier.
V.G. $3500.00

$2695 USD Italian Town Sword, Rapier, ca. 1640

Iron hilt featuring straight quillons with acorn finials
chiseled with foliate design. Knucklebow with triple central knob, screwed to
the chiseled ovoid pommel. Long chiseled quillon block, single side ring with
central triple knob feature (old brazed repair), matching the knucklebow. Wood
grip with twisted copper wire wrap and turks heads. Narrow 37" oval-section
blade ....

£1675 Mid 18th Century English Silver Hilted Hunting Hanger Marked "S:I"

An attractive English silver hilted hunting hanger by the unidentified London maker with the mark "S:I" working between 1740 and 1756. The hilt consists of a knuckle bow which projects into the pommel cap at its base. This is supported by a looped side guard which emanates from the rear quillon, and is attached to the ricasso by a supporting bar, to join the knuckle bow half wa....

£1675 English Silver Hilted Hunting Sword by Mary Carman of London Circa 1746

An attractive English silver hilted hunting sword by Mary Carman (I) of London with hallmarks for 1746/7. The boldly constructed hilt consists of a knuckle bow which projects into the pommel at the top. This is supported by two looped side guards which emanate from the rear qillon to join the knuckle bow in its lower half at the front. The bun-shaped pommel has a separate button. The grip i....

Early example of the type which became widely popular about a decade later and knows as glitter hilts. Hilt of the evolved form with vestigial arms of the guard and rounded diamond shaped guard evolving toward the quadrilobed form. The guard edge, knuckle bow and cross guard all of crisscross weave or twist form of two bands with surfaces cut in integral series of tiny pyramidal studs. The center ....

2650 USD M1850 Foot Officer by Sauerbier or Emerson & Silver
 Blade dated 1862 in Collins fashion - US in guard

2650 USD M 1850 Foot Officer Sword - Gutta Percha Grip
M 1850 Foot Officer Sword - Scarce example of the Gutta Percha Grip Trials. Schuyler, Hartley and Graham.

2645 USD Eagle hilt -bone grip, Brass engraved scabbard
Finely detailed Eagle with Wide Open beak, Claw quillon, Diamond shaped blade. 15 stars on shield and above the eagle.

£1,650.00 8-Bore Fowling Gun
An 8-Bore Flintlock Wild Fowling Gun By Wallas. With a round sighted 58 inch three stage barrel, signed border engraved banana shaped lock, half-stocked in walnut with chequered grip, steel mounts including trigger guard and ramrod pipes and original ramrod.

£1650 English Officers' Sword Dating to Circa 1685

An attractive and well executed example of an English Officers' sword dating to circa 1685. The hilt is made up of a cross guard which extends to the rear to form a downward drooping quillon, whilst at the front, a main knuckle bow extends from the cross to secure itself into an aperture located to the front lower half of the cylindrical  pommel, which has an integral button at the....

£1650 English Officers' Broadsword of Circa 1660 to 1680

An attractive and  good example of an English Officers' broadsword from the third quarter of the 17th century.
The hilt is made up of a cross guard which extends to the rear to form a downward drooping quillon, whilst at the front, a main knuckle bow, decorated with knops, extends from the cross to secure itself into an aperture located to the front lower half of the globular....

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£1650 Most Scarce Spanish Peninsular War, 1796 Pattern Bilboa Cavalry Sword
A fabulous, original, example of these scarce rapier type Spanish 18th century broadswords. The hilt is in superb order, with excellent wire bound grip and large shaped bowl, as is the very long broadsword blade. In 1796 (although there is a controversy around the precise date) a new model sword for Spanish cavalry troopers was adopted. This beautiful example, showing very classic lines and a very....

£1650 English Brass Hilted Cavalry Officer's Sword late 17th Century

A functional late 17th century sword in good condition. This sword was part of the late 17th century armoury formed at Shirburn Castle by the Gage family. The castle was sold to the Earls of Macclesfield in 1716 and subsequently the armoury was dispersed. 
The hilt is of brass and formed with two moulded shell guards infilled with shallow brass plates. The knuckle bow is joined at the ....

£1,650.00 Duelling Rapier
A Rapier Of Duelling Type, Late 17th Century. With tapering blade of flattened diamond section stamped with letters and marks within the fuller on both sides of the forte, hilt comprising guard of asymmetrical upturned shells, each pierced foliate design, vertically fluted quillon block, slender quillons, with recurving button terminals, fluted ovoid pommel with button, wire-bound grip with Turk&#....

Typologically, this sword extends the trend to smaller lighter weapons which could provide advantage in agility based on the latest fencing techniques. Its iron hilt defends effectively against a heavier weapon. Its robust grip assures good purchase for the gloved hand. The decoration of the blade incorporates, in French, the popular invocation draw me not without reason, sheath me not without hon....

Brass hilt with traces of gilt, the langets chased in oak foliage. The quillon modeled as a shell, and the knuckle bow with medial swell as a laurel wreath surrounding lattice. Copper wire wrapped grip. 33" curved broad fullered blade incised and gilt in arms displays, foliage sprigs and base panels with near all gold remaining. Original brass scabbard engraved in arms display and stylized foliage....

Perhaps Chester. Pleasantly cupped symmetrical shell guards decorated in high relief with mythological scenes inside and out. The quillon block with Hercules with club and lion skin, a Roman warrior opposite. The pommel decorated in archangels and masks. The knuckle bow with rococo forms, popular in England by this time and struck with four hallmarks. The grip with plain silver wire wrap in chevro....

Iron hilt with broad straight cross guard and integral swelled medial knuckle bow. Hemispherical cup with forward rolled edge. Copper wire wrapped grip. 36" straight d.e. blade inscribed IHN SOLINGEN, each side in the broad fuller. Dating to the period of Spanish Colonial adventurism this sword was produced in Spain utilizing an imported (German) blade as was common throughout Europe and the Briti....

£1,595 William III English Officer&#acute;s brass hilted Walloon sword
A William III English Officer&#acute;s brass hilted Walloon sword

A William III English Officer&#acute;s brass hilted Walloon sword 35&157; overall, 29 1/2&157; double edged blade engraved both sides with a talismatic number 999 and an orb maker&#acute;s mark. Brass hilt with shell guards decorated with putti and the initials &#acute;WR&#acute;, the interior decorated with a putti riding a lio....

£1,595 A New Land Flintlock Pistol
A New Land Flintlock Pistol

Currently showing 451 to 500 of 1385 items.

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