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£1850 Fabulous Early 19th Century Koftgari Silver Indian Tulwar Tegha Sword
Full cutting edged blade with return back edge of kilij form. Beautifully chisseled with complex patterning with both wide and narrow fullers and most beautiful Damascus etching throughout. Silver koftgari inlaid flowering pattern within the steel hilt with helmet piercing spike at the pommel. Original leather covered wooden scabbard. Many examples of the talwar exhibit an increased curvature in ....

€2200 Spanish military flintlock cavalry officer’s pistol, made in Catalonia, circa 1760-1790.
Description: Flintlock catalan type, marked “SOLA”. 18 mm caliber barrel, length 28 cm. Wood box marked B / X / VII and number 4 on the brass shield. It retains the original protective leather. Overall length 45 cm. Very good conservation.

2200 Euro Napoleonic artillery Officers sabre
French artillery officers sabre in its matching scabbard.
Beautiful engraved blade with crossed cannons and military trophies.
The scabbard engraved Manuf"re A Klingenthal, the back of the blade dated : aout 1810.
A very rare sabre of which you can be sure it was used during the Russian campaigns in 1812, hold history in your hands! Total length 103 CM

Bilbo form hilt with large double shell guard, recurved cross guard and rounded knuckle bow. Slightly flattened olive form pommel. Wire wrapped grip. The 37 1/8" broad blade is inscribed with PUGNO PRO PATRIA each side with the Catholic cross and orb mark. The ricasso is struck with a makers mark on one side. Dark patina with scattered light to medium pitting, a few areas a little heavier, strictl....

Bronze hilt, formerly gilt with symmetrical shell guards, expanded medial knuckle bow and elongated circular pommel. Decorated throughout in high relief with pairs of portraits depicting the subject in conventional attire and alternately, in a cowl, commemorating Charles V who abdicated and retired to the monetary of Yuste. Fine wire wrapped grip. 33 3/4" hollow triangular blade etched with scroll....

Iron hilt. Straight cross guard with reverse langets and large faceted ball terminals. Flat top tear shaped pommel cap and ribbed black leather covered grip. 30" curved broad fullered s.e. blade with long raised false edge. Hilt excellent with medium patina and some tool/finishing marks to the metal. Grip covering shows a few small blemishes. but complete and sound. The blade with light and medium....

Attributed to Joseph Bell, London with IB mark along with London hallmarks and date mark on the knuckle bow. Nicely dished near symmetrical shell guards and spherical pommel. The entire hilt nicely decorated in scrolling foliage in various arrangements. Silver wire wrapped grip. 32 1/4" heavy fighting blade shows uniform frosty light to slightly heavier pitting. Hilt well preserved, the quillon wi....

£1,795 .A Good Box lock spring bayonet officers Pistol by Knubley. (2)
.A Good Box lock spring bayonet officers Pistol by Knubley. (2)

A Good Box lock spring bayonet officers Pistol by Knubley. 14 1/2&157; overall 9&157; round carbine bore barrel . Box lock action finely engraved on L/H side &#acute;Knubley London&#acute;, with ring necked cock, trigger guard safety ,spring bayonet to R/H side. Walnut stock with hockey stick butt. Silver floral inlays to butt to....

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£1795 18th Century Brass Barrel Flintlock Pistol, Probably By Ketland & Co
Finest two stage octagonal and round barrel 9.2 inches long, excellent steel lock engraved K&C, all brass furniture including pineapple finial trigger guards and two barrel ramrod pipes. Very fine juglans regia walnut stock in superb condition. Stepped lock with rolling frizzen. Ketland [1740-1804] William Ketland, Sr., established a gunsmithy at Birmingham in 1740, and after his death his eldest ....

£1,795 French Napoleonic Heavy Cavalry ANXIII Cuirassiers Troopers sword
A French Napoleonic Heavy Cavalry ANXIII Cuirassiers Troopers sword

A French Napoleonic Heavy Cavalry ANXIII Cuirassiers Troopers sword. 44&157; overall, 37&157; straight, multi-fullered blade with spear point point. Blade with inpectors mark , back edge engraving faint. Could be M-F&#acute;ture Roi&#acute; du Klingenthal . A four bar brass hilt with brass pommel, original leather, lacking br....

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£1795 Very Good King George IIIrd Flintlock Officers Pistol By Henry Tatham
Circa 1798. He died in June 1835. Fine juglans regia walnut stock, fully finely engraved steel mounts. Named and engraved lock with rainproof pan and rolling frizzen, very fine fancy engraving to the lock, cock, barrel tang, side nail, ramrod pipes and trigger guard, with pineapple finial. Crosshatch carved pistol grip. Barrel bears a rectangular platinum seal inset at the breech bearing Tathams ....

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£1795 Superb 1770 Pierced Steel Small Sword, Probably By Steven´s of Temple Gate
London. An almost identical sword is in the Victoria and Albert Museum Collection. Made by sword-cutler Abraham Steven´s, of Fleet St and Temple Gate London, and appears in their published book, European Swords by Anthony North, page 28 illustration 53, exhibition item number M.192-1928. The sword has an ovoid pommel fully pierced with a stand of arms, a spiraling silver band with combinati....

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£1795 Singularly Fine 18th C. British Light Inf. Sword, Captured French Blade
The blade is identical to a sword blade from a very fine French Oriental Du Consulat Officer´s Sword illustrated in Armes Blanches, Symbolism, Inscriptions, Marquages, Forbisseurs by Jen Hoste and Jean-Jaques Buigne. Page 13../ The symbols engraved are the crescent moon with star constellation with Venus, and the resplendent sun. The moon was the symbol for the man, for death and for life, t....

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£1795 Fine, Antique, Chinese Ching Dynasty Double-Sword of Super Quality
Unique to China, two swords [jian] that slot, back to back, within a single scabbard, for both ease of wearing yet to be armed with two, separate swords, for two handed sword fighting. When seen, these jian [straight swords] are more usually of both light grade and light quality, but this example, most unusually, is of a heavier and higher quality grade than usual. It has superbly cast and engrav....

£1,795 1854 grenadier guards officer’s sword
An 1854 grenadier guards officer’s sword

. An 1854 grenadier guards officer’s sword. 38&157; overall, 32 1/2&157; slightly curved fullered blade, with scrolling foliage and crowned &#acute;V.R&#acute; and &#acute;Henry Wilkinson, Pall Mall&#acute; to the forte. On the obverse scrolling foliage, crowned grenade and family coat of arms and initials &#acute;F.R.C&#acute; in a tablet a....

Neumann 19.S and type called the 1751 pattern. Brass hilt with heart shaped guard with two side bars and flat down turned quillon. Spirally fluted brass grip with olive form pommel stamped with O over 11. 24 1/8" narrow back fullered blade unmarked but for a 26 in individually struck numerals on the left side which may be a USsurcharge from the Revolution or possibly even the French and Indian War....

Silver hilt with stirrup form guard crisply struck with London Hallmarks and maker's mark of William Kersill. Banded pommel cap and matching base ferrule to the ribbed ivory grip. 31 3/4" straight spadroon form blade, plain as made and showing frosty light to medium dark surface. Short check to the ivory but no chips. The quillon terminal professionally restored, probably in its working life a....

Bavarian, late 18th century of rapier proportions with 32 1/8" diamond section blade decorated with the owner's initials and mystical symbols. Iron hilt with straight quillons and boat form guard. Copper wire wrapped grip. Fighting proportion, dating to the Napoleonic Wars. From the collection of the Counts von Geich at Schloss Thurnau, Upper Franconia, Bavaria, Germany.

Iron hilt with large loop arms above asymmetrical shell guards. The entire hilt decorated in a lattice of very small silver piques, with larger piques at the junctions. Each window with a central pique but for a row of flowers on each element. Silver wire wrapped grip with silver ferrules. 33 1/4" blade, oval at the forte, transitioning to a diamond section. The first third with geometric and flor....

From 1618 to 1648, northern Europe was engulfed in a war which resulted in staggering death and destruction. In Germany, half of the males and a third of the total population died. Thousands of villages and castles were razed to the ground Militarily, it was the period of the decline in armor resulting from more effective and wider spread use of firearms. Items #933-935 are swords of the Thirty Ye....

Pommel, knuckle bow and grip in polished faceted pattern to glitter in candle light. Oval iron guard pierced with radial and twist pattern, set both sides with about two hundred faceted studs. Each hand made, set in its hole drilled through the guard, then peened with a concave tool forming a tiny dome on the underside of the guard. The result is a replication with smaller studs of the pattern on ....

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£1750 Victorian Grenadier Guards ´Battle Honour´ Blade Sword Of Sir F. Custance
Father-in law of Lord Alfred ´Bosie´ Douglas, father of Olive Custance. Frederick Hambleton Custance Lt.Col Grenadier Guards, was commissioned in the Grenadier Guards, and acquired this sword from Wilkinsons in 1863, with all the current battle honours and regimental device of the time thereon, and served his full career, retiring as Lt-Colonel. We have a copy of the page from Wilkinso....

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£1750 Original Spanish Cup Hilt Rapier 17th & 18th Century.
This is simply a fascinating sword in that in it´s working life has had a blade fitted from a 1796 British Heavy cavalry trooper´s sword. Early Spanish cup hilt rapiers often originally had long and slender blades, that in the 18th century were very often changed, due to the changing methods of sword combat, for heavier, shorter broadsword blades, as the cup hilted sword stayed in favo....

££1750 Fine Scottish Highland Powder Horn Dated 1696

A large, well formed and engraved, late 17th century Scottish Highland powder horn dated 1696. The flask is made from the pointed end of a cow horn which has been heat-flattened and pressed into shape. Both sides are decorated with roundels of typical Celtic / Gaelic interlace with the borders cut with concentric semi-circular patterns and a crown on each side.
The outer surface has ....

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£1750 Very Good Japanese Shin Gunto Officer´s Sword Of WW2
On would have to go a very long way to find a better quality and condition example. The blade is in very good condition indeed, in around 85% original polish with a few finger marks. The blade has a superb sanbonsugi hamon, signed with chrysanthemum stamp of the Showa Emperor. Likely gendaito traditional blade. Very good transitional mounts, of high quality and all in superb order. Signed Noshu ju....

£1,750 A model 1816 pistol by S North
A model 1816 pistol by S North

A model 1816 military flintlock pistol by Simeon North 15 ¾" overall. 9" round 54 calibre barrel. Flat lock plate rounded at tail, swan neck rounded cock, brass pan stamped ’S North US MIDLN.CON’. Regulation iron mounts including domed butt cap, long iron back strap, side plate & barrel band with hickory ramrod. Walnut half s....

£1,745 East India Company flintlock Light Dragoon pistol
An East India Company flintlock Light Dragoon pistol

X1601. An East India Company flintlock Light Dragoon pistol, 15¾"overall, 91/4&157; 16 bore barrel with the Gunmakers’ Company view and proof marks, two crowned &156;3&157; marks and a &156;W&157; mark, and squared breech tang. Border engraved ring neck cock, border engraved flat bevelled lock marked with the East Indi....

£1,745 . An East India Company New Land pattern flintlock cavalry pistol,
. An East India Company New Land pattern flintlock cavalry pistol,

. An East India Company New Land pattern flintlock cavalry pistol, 151/2"overall, 9&157; browned 16 bore barrel with the Gunmakers’ Company view and proof marks, crowned "7" and crowned "9" marks and the double broad arrow mark, and rounded breech tang. Border engraved ring neck cock, border engra....

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£1725 Fabulous Rare Light Infantry Sword, Circa 1790´s, With Talisman Blade
A superb King George IIIrd Light Infantry or Rifles Regt officer´s sabre. With it´s original mercurial gilt hilt bearing almost all it´s original burnished gilt finish. It has it´s original wire bound fish skin grip, Light Infantry bugle langet, and a deeply curved blade superbly engraved with King George IIIrd Royal cypher and secret Talismanic symbols. The crescent moon, ....

$2295 USD North European Transitional Rapier/Smallsword, ca. 1660
Showing the reduced hilt size and shortened blade which began
evolving from the full sized rapier around the middle of the 17th C,
this sword type is often called a "pillow sword" due to its small size and the
thought that it could be kept under one"e;s pillow to protect against an intruder.
It is doubtful, however, that this was commonly the case. The steel hilt has
short ....

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£1695 Fabulous 1800 British Light Dragoon Officer´s Sabre With Kilij Style Blade
This swords wonderful Kilij style blade is a superb British cutlers representation of those Kilij and Shamshir swords captured at the Battle of The Nile, in the Egypt Campaign at the the Battle of Aboukir and the Battle of Alexandria. With London maker engraved cartouch on the scabbard throat, that, although worn and indistinct, is likely by Gill of London. When one holds this sword one can easily....

£1,695 English officer&#acute;s Walloon hilted sword
An English officer&#acute;s Walloon hilted sword

An English officer&#acute;s Walloon hilted sword 40&157; overall, 33&157; double edged blade with 3 narrow fullers, engraved Andria Ferara, with Passau Wolf mark. Steel hilt with engraved and pierced shell guards, globular pommel, wooden grip with remnants of original brass wire.
Sword in very good condition with the exception of the ....

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£1695 Very Good King George IIIrd 1756 Pat.Dragoon Flintlock of The EIC Cavalry
With fine walnut stock with traditional brass furniture and two British EIC heart marks Siege of Seringapatam period use, by such as the the British 19th or 25th Light Dragoons with the East India Company. The 19th played a major role in the Anglo-Mysore Wars and Anglo-Maratha Wars. Their first campaign was against Tipu Sultan of Mysore from 1790 to 1792. After defeating Tipu, the 19th were on gar....

£1,695 East India Company Cavalry Pistol
An East India Company Cavalry Pistol

  An East India Company Cavalry Pistol 16&157; overall. 9&157; round barrel with London proofs and inspector&#acute;s mark, and &#acute;E13&#acute;. Flat border engraved lock with lion and crown East India Co mark and inspector&#acute;s mark under the pan. Dated 1813 on the tail. Regulation brass furniture comprising butt cap, fore-end, ramrod pi....

£1,695 A US model 1819 pistol by Simeon North.
A US model 1819 pistol by Simeon North.

£1,695 East India Company Light Dragoon Pistol for British Troops.
East India Company Light Dragoon Pistol for British Troops.

££1690 Scottish Military Basket Hilted Backsword dating to the first half of the 18th century

This is one of two swords found in a cellar at Mallow Castle, located in Mallow, County Cork, Ireland. Both swords were offered for sale in early 2011 by an auction house in Ireland.
Mallow Castle has a long history. The original castle was destroyed by fire in 1689 on the instructions of King James II and replaced by a mansion nearby in the 1690s at the time of the Battle of the Boyne ....

Before the Industrial Revolution, the production of cereal crops was too labor intensive to allow their use as animal feed. Foraging animals such as chicken and pigeons were kept but wild game was heavily depended upon for meat which was harvested in great hunts. As all game belonged to the nobility, these events combined work with sport. A primary tool of the hunt was the hunting sword which serv....

Iron hilt with inverted pear shaped pommel, Swelled knuckle bow and side ring with its original sprung in plate, the center with radial oval leaf splay surrounded by delicate pierced net form matrix (few tiny breaks). Wire wrapped grip. 29 3/4" stiff diamond section blade. The hilt with frosty light surface degradation and light patina. Blade matching with just a little heavier oxidation.

2000 Euro Liège pair flintlock muff pistols
Pair has octogonal barrels, marked by Liège, circa 1800, frames are engraved with animals, security system behind the hammers, 23 cm long

2000 Euro Revolutionary Chasseur à Cheval sabre
Sabre is brass mounted with the hilt marked FARCY and the revolutionary cock, small missing leather part on the grip, plain grey blade, in its original scabbard

2000 Euro Exceptional French revolutionary Officers sword
Beautiful gilt hilt with ebony grip and engraved brass inlay cartouche.
The blade engraved : officier De la 64 1/2 brigade on the other side: gage d´amitié.
In its original scabbard, a gift from a high ranked officer to his friend.
Total length 97 CM

2000 Euro Light cavalry officer sabre 1st Empire
Sabre is brass mounted with a faceted brass scabbard, ebony checkered grip, blued and gilded blade ( one side perfect and the other side with blue completely faded)

£1,650.00 Fine Cavalry Officers Sword
New item, description to follow.

£1,650.00 8-Bore Fowling Gun
An 8-Bore Flintlock Wild Fowling Gun By Wallas. With a round sighted 58 inch three stage barrel, signed border engraved banana shaped lock, half-stocked in walnut with chequered grip, steel mounts including trigger guard and ramrod pipes and original ramrod.

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£1650 Early Victorian Staffordshire Regiment Cavalry Officers Sabretache and Belt
With mounting straps and sword straps. Crimean War vintage. A sabretache is a flat bag or pouch, which was worn suspended from the belt of a cavalry officer together with the sabre. Raised in 1794 following Prime Minister William Pitt´s order to raise volunteer bodies of men to defend Great Britain from foreign invasion, the Staffordshire Yeomanry began as a volunteer cavalry regiment. Futur....

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£1650 Most Scarce Spanish Peninsular War, 1796 Pattern Bilboa Cavalry Sword
A fabulous, original, example of these scarce rapier type Spanish 18th century broadswords. The hilt is in superb order, with excellent wire bound grip and large shaped bowl, as is the very long broadsword blade. In 1796 (although there is a controversy around the precise date) a new model sword for Spanish cavalry troopers was adopted. This beautiful example, showing very classic lines and a very....

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£1650 Magnificent Silver And Coral Inlaid 18th Century Flintlock Pistol
Ali Pasha style, used by the military generals and princes and naval corsair pirate captains. Made in the region of the Mediterranean and Adriatic Seas and absolute stunning and extravagant flintlock pistol. The heavy butt-plates could have been used as maces once the ball has been fired. Ali Pasha wanted to establish in the Mediterranean a sea-power which should be a counterpart of that of the De....

£1,650.00 Sleepy Queen Anne
A Silver Mounted Flintlock Queen Anne Pistol by Barber of Newark, Circa 1760. With turn-off cannon barrel, border engraved breech decorated with scrolling foliage and signed in full beneath, plain tang, border engraved action with foliate engraved cock, steel trigger guard engraved with a steel on the bow, figured swelling butt with cast and chased silver mounts comprising trophy of arms side-plat....

Iron hilt relief decorated with foliage and oval panels of arms to the knuckle bow, quillon block, pommel and oval side ring. Down turned lip "rain proof" base mount to protect the scabbard. The entire hilt in fine preservation with original glossy black surface overlaid with gold ground surrounding the decoration. The gold uniformly a little weak but present in fine contrast. Intricate wire wrapp....

Currently showing 451 to 500 of 1338 items.

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