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Probably provincial English, possibly American. Double shell guard decorated in and out with classical figures and arms splays. Outside marked with D B maker's mark and indecipherable mark opposite. The presence of two marks only (clearly not French)... (read more)

NORTHERN EUROPEAN RAPIER: Circa 1600. Transition from the long rapier to the shorter blade, as dictated by fashion of the 17th century. Original horsehair grip wrapping. Note the early “PAS D’ANE” 32 inch blade, 38 inches overall. This is a very unique and unusual style of rapier.
V.G. $3500.00

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£1895 Solid Silver Hilted Small Sword By The King´s Sword Maker Cullum of London
Silver hallmarked hilt with plain wooden grip, ovoid pommel and single knuckle bow. It has it´s original scabbard throat mount but no leather remaining. This could be made to remake a scabbard. The guard is oviod with a left and right hand symmetrical gadroon pattern edging, and a steel disc strengthening mount on the underside. In the wars with France, fought in North America, officers of h....

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£1895 1796 Heavy Cavalry Officers Sword, Broadsword Blade, Steel Combat Scabbard
With it´s original, very rarely surviving Georgian officer knot of soft fringed braid like tassels of silk and gold thread. Also one of it´s original leather belt straps. A very good example of these most desirable of Georgian Swords used by an Officer in the Heavy Cavalry [with a combination, dress hilt and combat broadsword blade and original combat scabbard]. Traditional ´Boat....

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£1895 Absolute Beauty! A Mid 19th Century Ivory Handled Swordstick
Engraved blade with a Latin motto Defensio non Provocatio [In Defense not Provocation] and the name of the gentleman to whom it was supposedly given, Philip Cook, who was a former US Congressman. The handle is in the sign-post form carved to somewhat resemble bamboo with a waisted carved belt . The collar and ferrule are silvered copper and the mallacca haft stunningly lacquered. The blade is sing....

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£1895 English Transitional Sword Circa 1640
with blade of flattened hexagonal section stamped ´Sabastian´ and ´Hernandez´ between a series of decorative marks on the respective faces within a short fuller, steel hilt, single sidebar with moulded quillon, knuckleguard interrupted by a moulding en suite with the quillon, fluted pommel, and the grip with multi wire binding. 32in blade There are swordsmiths called Sebast....

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£1895 Good, Non-Regulation Pattern British Sea Service Flintlock Pistol
Bearing many of the standard sea service pistol traits, such as the long elegant lines, the short eared brass butt cap, the ring neck cock and the brass tailed sideplate, but all with very slight variances, and the stock is a slightly lighter gauge. We believe it may likely be a British Merchant Navy service flintlock pistol, of the circa 1790´s. Fine walnut stock, good tight action, but wit....

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£1895 Grenadier Guards ´Battle Honour´ Sword of a Capt. Killed in France, 1940
From the VC awarded 3rd Battalion, at the Battle of Escaut, during the Battle of France. He was one of the most gallant and heroic men and officer´s of the 1st Guards Brigade, that fought valiantly to repel the German offensive in opening stages of WW2, during the Battle for France. This is the fabulous sword of Captain P.J.C. Radford-Norsop, of the 3rd Battn Grenadier Guards . It is beautif....

£1,890.00 very attractive silver mounted Balkan Flintlock pistol of good length, made around 1780-1800. Good Condition. Ref 7622
*** Please mention OldSwords.com when contacting this dealer. *** A very attractive silver mounted Balkan Flintlock pistol of good length, made around 1780-1800. The entire pistol is covered with solid silver mounts fully chased and engraved. The forend and barrel half covered in silver. The silver mounts also cover the butt-cap. Silver trigger guard. The sideplate is engraved and chisselled wit....

£1,890.00 * * * * A very rare Rev War Era Silver hilted small sword made for a boy. Good Condition. Circa 1770-1780. Ref 7697
*** Please mention OldSwords.com when contacting this dealer. *** A very rare antique Silver hilted small sword made for a boy, circa 1770-1780. A very clear makers mark G.W. is stamped in a small panel on the knuckle bow near to where it meets the pommel. Good Condition. This is an authentic silver sword made for a boy probably from a titled family, around the time of the American Revolution. ....

3150 USD Sauerbier Staff & Field - Mother of Pearl inlay
Non-Regulation Sauerbier Staff & Field Officer sword

Probably English, this sword incorporates the stiff diamond section blade with stramazzone point, flattened and of elongated leaf form to inflict the slashing wound. A near identical example which also mounts a stiff dueling blade is illustrated in Swords... (read more)

3100 USD Militia Officer, Tri-color blade, bone grip
Very delicate grip to pommel juncture, blue, gold and white etched blade

Made for a military officer, displaying military and classical arms and armor in oval panels to the pommel, grip, knuckle bow, quillon block and inside of the shells. The balance intricately decorated in patterns of pyramids, chevrons and other minute... (read more)

£1,850.00 * * * * * * * * * * A fine and rare very good quality Spanish Cup-Hilt rapier. Wire bound grip. blade 36 inches. Very good condition. Ref 7723.
*** Please mention OldSwords.com when contacting this dealer. *** A fine and rare very good quality Cup-Hilt rapier.
Spanish circa 1700-1720. The cup scallopped and engraved at the edges and at the blade opening. Wire bound grip. Plain steel pommel, cross-guard and knuckle bow. The steel cross guard approx 11.5 inches long. The blade 36 inches in length. Overall length 44 inches. Very good c....

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£1850 Napoleonic Colonel´s or Staff Officer´s Sword In ´Post Combat´ Condition
One of the most desirable, scarcest and beautiful swords used by senior officer´s in Napoleon´s Grande Armee. Known as the Marengo pattern hiIt, It is in post hand to hand combat order, and has obviously seen some combat damage and wear. In original condition swords of this pattern are highly rare and valued very, very highly indeed. For example a very similar hilted, of an unknown off....

£1,850.00 Privately Manufactured British Military style large Flintlock Officer's Pistol dating from the era of the Napoleonic Wars. Circa 1803-1815. Ref 7941
*** Please mention OldSwords.com when contacting this dealer. *** A Privately manufactured British Military style large Flintlock Officer's Pistol dating from the time of the Napoleonic Wars. Circa 1803 -1815. Rounded typical military style brass butt-cap, matching trigger-guard and ramrod pipe. Action in excellent working order. Complete with its original captive steel swivel ramrod. The lo....

£1,850.00 * * * * * * * * Superb Napoleonic Cavalry Sword with Heavy Brass Hilt, Russian or French. C1760-1790. Blade 38 inches. V. Good Condition. Ref 5969
*** Please mention OldSwords.com when contacting this dealer. *** A Superb Early Napoleonic Period Cavalry Sword with a heavy Brass Hilt, probably French. C1760-1790. Grip wire an old replacement. Blade 38 inches. Overall length 45 inches. V. Good Condition. A rare type. Ref 5969.
We accept payment by debit card, credit card, or direct bank transfer, we make no extra charge for paying by debi....

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£1845 War Hero, Capt A.L.Kennedy M.C. Scot´s Guards ´Battle Honour Sword WW1.
A historical sword, with elite war hero provenance, of a London Times journalist, a British Intelligence Officer and a Scot´s Guards hero, Captain Aubrey Leo Kennedy MC. With fine steel hilt bearing the badge of the Scot´s Guards Garter Star, of the Queen´s personal Foot Guards, in original polished, bright steel scabbard. Full battle honour etched blade with regimental devices.....

1,800 GBP excellent silver hilted English take down smallsword
With fine moulded work on the hilt, a boat
shaped guard and a colichemarde blade. Silver marks for 1760 and a maker's
mark of TL, possibly Thomas Langford.

£1,795 New Stock An 1854 grenadier guards officers sword.
An 1854 grenadier guards officer’s sword. 38” overall, 32 1/2” slightly curved fullered blade, with scrolling foliage and crowned ‘V.R' and ‘Henry Wilkinson, Pall Mall' to the forte. On the obverse scrolling foliage, crowned grenade and family coat of arms and initials ‘F.R.C' in a tablet and Wilkinson proof mark on the forte, numbered 5515 on the spine, with steel 1854....

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£1795 Fabulously Rare, 1796 British Officer´s ´Blue and Gilt´ Bladed Sword Stick
It has a superb fully engraved blade with King George IIIrd cypher with finest blue and gilt décor. Used during the Battle of the Nile, Battle of Trafalgar period, the Peninsular War in Spain, the American War in 1812, and the Battle of Waterloo era. The blade would have been used by in a sword by an British infantry or naval officer, and possibly on his retirement from military or naval serv....

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£1795 Very Good Koto, 1500´s Era, Katate-Uchi Long Wakizashi Fighting Sword
An ancient, up to 500 year old combat Katate-uchi, a one handed combat samurai sword, very inexpensive, but it could be nicely restored ´as and when´ or left untouched as is. Made for single handed two sword combat (Nito-Ryu). Miyamoto Musashi, the most famous Samurai in Japanese history, developed the Nito-Ryu technique during combat, of one handed sword fighting, and this is absolute....

£1,795 New Stock A 1796 Heavy Cavalry pattern pistol .
A 1796 Heavy Cavalry pattern pistol .15 1/2” overall, 9” round musket bore barrel with Kings proof marks, double line border engraved lockplate engraved Tower at the tail, crown GR, broad arrow ordnance mark, border engraved swan neck cock. Regulation brass furniture comprising trigger guard engraved 4 DG 1/25 ‘S' shaped sideplate and single ramrod pipe with original steel ramrod. Walnut....

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£1795 Presentation Regimental "Claymore" Basket Hilted Sword of WW1 Hero
Presented upon his being gazetted in 1916, to a killed in action Hero, S/Lt Maurice Hillier [formerly of Peking, China] late of the 6th Battalion The King´s Own Scottish Borderers, 9th Division, and named to him on the blade, along with his regiment. In it´s combat field service scabbard of leather trimmed with steel. Traditional full plain steel basket hilt with red deerskin liner an....

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£1795 Singularly Fine 18th C. British Light Inf. Sword, Captured French Blade
The blade is identical to a sword blade from a very fine French Oriental Du Consulat Officer´s Sword illustrated in Armes Blanches, Symbolism, Inscriptions, Marquages, Forbisseurs by Jen Hoste and Jean-Jaques Buigne. Page 13../ The symbols engraved are the crescent moon with star constellation with Venus, and the resplendent sun. The moon was the symbol for the man, for death and for life, t....

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£1795 Good British Officer´s Flintlock By Samuel Harrison of London Circa 1740.
With fine walnut stock, brass butt cap with grotesque mask and long ears. Good signed flintlock action, fully serviced, and in good operating order. Made and used by an officer in the era of the second Jacobite Rebellion, and the Battle of Culloden. The Battle of Culloden was the final confrontation of the 1745 Jacobite Rising. On 16 April 1746, the Jacobite forces of Charles Edward Stuart fought ....

£1,795 A New Land Pattern Pistol.
A New Land Pattern Pistol.

£1,795 Rare 1912 Cavalry Officer’s Sword to the Royal Horseguards
A rare 1912 Cavalry Officer’s Sword to the Royal Horseguards

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£1795 Superb 1770 Pierced Steel Small Sword, Probably By Steven´s of Temple Gate
London. An almost identical sword is in the Victoria and Albert Museum Collection. Made by sword-cutler Abraham Steven´s, of Fleet St and Temple Gate London, and appears in their published book, European Swords by Anthony North, page 28 illustration 53, exhibition item number M.192-1928. The sword has an ovoid pommel fully pierced with a stand of arms, a spiraling silver band with combinati....

This superb Japanese Tanegashima matchlock arquebus dates ca.1780-1820, and is either a Sakai [Saku], or else a Kunitomo. The quality of decorative work is outstanding, indicating that it belonged to a wealthy samurai or was a present from his suzerain.I did not remove the barrel, which is most probably signed by the maker, as is the inside of the stock.Total length is 133 cm, with a 102 cm-lon....

3,000 GBP cavalryman's sabre made at the Kenansville Confederate Armoury in North Carolina. 
See Albaugh page 27, fig 20. As this
outstanding student of Confederate edged weapons says: "It takes no
student of arms to classify the pictured sabre as Confederate. The heavy
rounded branches,crude pommel cap, unstopped single fuller and brass mounted
scabbard fairly cry out "Dixie" ". All these sabres are marked
on the brass throat of the scabbard and on the obver....

$2995 USD Italian Flintlock Pistol Made for the Eastern Market, Late 18th C
Banana-shaped lock with grooved frizzen; chiseled with
acanthus in relief; remains of gilding and false Arabic signature. Tapering 11"
round barrel of approx. .52 cal. with flat sides at breach; engraved with gilt
acanthus in relief and gilt tang; attached to the stock with a long silver
barrel band featuring Islamic motif with crescent and star. Walnut full stock
with relief carvin....

$2995 USD Italian Short Sword, Late 16th C
Of similar form to a left hand dagger, but of larger
proportions and made as a close-quarters fighting sword. Iron hilt with large
downturned quillons with expanded finials; single side ring. Gently faceted
ovoid pommel with large button; later twisted iron wire grip wrap with turks
heads. Tapering 20 ½" straight double-edged thrusting blade (point rounded) with
long central fu....

$2995 USD Italian Flintlock Horse Pistol, Early 18th C
Three-stage 13 1/4" barrel in .36 cal., signed "Lazarino
Cominazzo" (signature worn) on the top flat of breech, with turned brass muzzle
band. "Roman" lock with border engraved flat lockplate, signed on the back "PAP"
in script. Brass mounts engraved with acanthus design; consisting of trigger
guard, side plate, ramrod thimbles, escutcheon, and butt cap w....

2300 Euro Walloon type sword of 1679
Heavy sword of the military type with blackened hilt, 2 pierced plates, blade has the Passau wolff and is stamped

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£1775 Stunning Early Yataghan Sword with Gold Onlaid and Ivory Hilt, Islamic
Antique 18th -19th century Turkish Ottoman Sword Yatagan with a characteristic ear shaped hilt. The hilt is made of two large pieces of finely carved ivory mounted in gold overlaid metal, decorated with a typical Balkan raised flower head design which extends down the blade, with pyramidical knobs on the pommel area. The ivory is most likely walrus, but, it may also be mammoth, as several we have....

BRITISH/SCOTTISH DRAGOON OFFICER’S SWORD: Circa 1740-1780. The classic Glasgow hilt has light pitting overall. One bar on the ring side is slightly bent separating the rear side guard from the side knuckle guard, however, it is still firm. Approximately half of the original fish skin grip wrapping is present. The 34 ½ inch blade is of a very unusual pattern. On the panel above the ric....

2950 USD Sauerbier Foot Officer w/ 7 in, battle scene etch
 Sharkskin grip, Leather scabbard, great blade etching with a full 7 inch battle scene

This sword dates to a period of turmoil for England. With an expanding empire and the residue of the Seven Years War making increased demands on her military, her defenses were thinly spread and worn. In fact, the success of the American Revolution is lar... (read more)

Of slightly diminutive proportions, this fine sword is probably influenced by the moral reform and austerity which swept English culture at the end of the 17th century and survived longer in rural areas. The plain hilt is struck with four quartered marks... (read more)

Click and use the code 18322 to search for this item on the dealer website

£1750 Very Good Japanese Shin Gunto Officer´s Sword Of WW2
On would have to go a very long way to find a better quality and condition example. The blade is in very good condition indeed, in around 85% original polish with a few finger marks. The blade has a superb sanbonsugi hamon, signed with chrysanthemum stamp of the Showa Emperor. Likely gendaito traditional blade. Very good transitional mounts, of high quality and all in superb order. Signed Noshu ju....

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£1750 Stunning Silver Mounted Caucasian Flintlock Decorated With Coral
Fine flintlock with superb engraving. The barrel has a fine Islamic maker´s seal stamp. The spring is very good and the action now excellent after servicing. This is a fine 18th century piece, used by the Cossacks and horsemen of the Ottoman Empire. They were also popular thoroughout Europe during the Napoleonic Wars.

Click and use the code 16681 to search for this item on the dealer website

£1750 Original Spanish Cup Hilt Rapier 17th & 18th Century.
This is simply a fascinating sword in that in it´s working life has had a blade fitted from a 1796 British Heavy cavalry trooper´s sword. Early Spanish cup hilt rapiers often originally had long and slender blades, that in the 18th century were very often changed, due to the changing methods of sword combat, for heavier, shorter broadsword blades, as the cup hilted sword stayed in favo....

£1750 Scottish Military Basket Hilted Backsword dating to the Middle to Third Quarter of the 18th Century

A representative example of a Scottish military basket hilted backsword from the middle or third quarter of the 18th century. The sword is typical of a type manufactured in England for lower ranks in Highland Regiments, such as The Black Watch, and fencible regiments, for service in the Scottish Highlands, before and after the 1745 Rebellion, and then overseas, particularly in the Americas. ....

£1,750 very fine Irish over and under tap action pistol by Read of Dublin.
A very fine Irish over and under tap action pistol by Read of Dublin.

£1,750.00 * * * * * 17th century Rare "Hounslow" style hanger or short sword. English circa 1680. Ref 6474
*** Please mention OldSwords.com when contacting this dealer. *** 17th century Rare "Hounslow" style hanger or short sword. English circa 1680. Very unusual ribbed Bone grips. The blade with several panels of etching. Overall length 33 inches. Excellent condition.
Ref 6474.
We accept payment by UK debit card, international credit card, or bank transfer, we make no extra charge fo....

2900 USD Civil War Mfg M1860 Staff Officer Sword - Exceptional blade
Very fine, Civil War Manufacture M 1860 Staff Officer Sword.

Following the turbulent years of the Thirty Years War and the English Civil Wars, fencing for self-defense became a necessity for those who could afford training and quality weapons. It distinguished them from and advantaged them over street thugs. As wel... (read more)

C.1770-80. Swords of this type served on both sides during the American Revolution. See Neumann 139.S for an identical example. The brass hilt with four slot guard and well modeled lion head pommel retains some gold overlay in protected areas.. The grip i... (read more)

Currently showing 451 to 500 of 1430 items.

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