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£1995 Very Rare, Royal Navy Open Half-Basket Hilted Sword, with Pierced Anchor
This is a super Royal Naval sword from the early to mid 19th century, and a most rarely seen type. The guard has a fully carved and open half-basket pierced hilt, inset with a royal, crowned anchor. The grip is carved ribbed horn with fine and original multi wire binding. Plain steel, Wilkinson post 1827 pattern blade. Swords of this rare form are described, in the pre-eminent standard work ´....

£1,995 A Marmaluke Lancer’s Sword
A Marmaluke Lancer’s Sword

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£1995 Very Beautiful 18th Century French Flintlock Circa 1740
With a very fine and fabulous looking tiger stripe maple wood stock, bearing a superb patina. Signed lock and all steel mounts. Long eared buttcap typical of the 1740´s period flintlocks that saw service in the Anglo French Seven Years War in Europe and America. And continually right through the Napoleonic Wars. As with all our antique guns no license is required as they are all unrestricted....

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£1995 Very Good 1822 Presentation Sword to Ens. Samson The 1st West India Regt.
A very rare sword to see indeed with a fabulous blade. A British Army West India Regiment Officer´s presentation sword is so rare is that we believe this is the first we have ever seen in over 40 years. Presented in 1855 by Col William Lockyer Freestun, [formerly of the 93rd Highland Regt. Of Foot] a Colonel in the service of Her Catholic Majesty the Queen Regent of Spain. Who was granted th....

£1,995 New Stock A very good William IV Cavalry pistol
New Stock A very good William IV Cavalry pistol

£1,995 Carbine made for Portuguese service
Carbine made for Portuguese service

Carbine made for Portuguese service. 35 1/2&157; overall with 20&157; round carbine bore barrel. With rounded border engraved lock with crown &#acute;GR&#acute;, British ordinance mark and tower to the tail. Hand rail stock with Regulation type brass mounts, engraved with Portuguese regimental marks and sling swivel. With swivel ramrod.
Circa 1810.
Made fr....

£1,995 Massive Indian bullock wagon guards blunderbuss
A Massive Indian bullock wagon guards blunderbuss

Massive Indian bullock wagon guards blunderbuss. 37&157; overall with 20&157; trombone shaped barrel. 4 ¼&157; wide at the muzzle. Barrel made of wootz type steel with inlaid brass decoration with East India Company flintlock by Rea, dated 1708. Hardwood fullstock decorated with inlaid bone decoration and brass, saw edged strips, pla....

£1,995 A French Officer’s pistol model 1816
A French Officer’s pistol model 1816

A French Officer’s pistol model 1816 14 1/2" overall. 8" barrel dated 1816 on the tang with rear sight & fore sight. Lockplate engraved but rubbed, brass pan & throat hole cock, chequered walnut half stock with domed butt cap & brass fore end
Pistol in good condition although engraving appears to have been delibera....

£1,995 1796 heavy cavalry troopers sword.
A 1796 heavy cavalry troopers sword.

 A 1796 heavy cavalry troopers sword. 39&157; overall, 4&157; straight fullered blade, hatchet point. Signed on the back edge &#acute;Dawes, Birmm.&#acute; and with crowned broad arrow inspectors mark on right hand side. Steel disk hilt, langets removed, leather covered wooden grip. In its original iron scabbard with two suspension rings.
Circa ....

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£1995 Stunning 19th Century British Regimental Hussars Mamaluke Style Sabre
This is a stunning mamaluke sword, in excellent condition for its age, and used by a British hussar or lancer officer. Mamalukes were used in the British army from the Waterloo era up to and past the Crimean War era of the 1850´s. Sword maker marked by Lambert Brown and Co of London and Dublin. A most similar pattern to the British General´s pattern mamaluke, but this is the Hussars ve....

£1,995 . A 1796 heavy cavalry troopers sword
. A 1796 heavy cavalry troopers sword

A 1796 heavy cavalry troopers sword. 40&157; overall, 35 &157; straight hatchet pointed blade . With pierced disk hilt and two langettes. With knuckle bow, domed pommel, eared backstrap with ribbed leather covered grip. In its wrought iron scabbard with two suspension rings.
Circa 1800
Good condition.blade good but grey patinated,Hilt and scabbard salt ....

A very rare and interesting high status Light Cavalry Officers (possibly Berg Lancers) sword dating from the Napoleonic period, and probably made in Solingen for an Officer in one of the German states, with an unusual 4 bar guard.

88cm (34.5) curved single fullered blade with flat back and spear point. The blade originally blue and gilt for the first 9 and engraved on both sides with stands o....

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£1985 Very Good British, Napoleonic Wars Officer´s-Duelling Flintlock Pistol.
Napoleonic Wars Era fine English flintlock, made by Dunderdale, Mabson and Labron. With original ivory tipped ramrod. Lock signed and with rolling frizzen. Good action and finely engraved brass mounts with pineapple finial trigger guard. Fine juglans regia walnut stock. Used by an officer in the Peninsular campaign and the Battle of Waterloo era. Good working action15 inches long overall. As with ....

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£1975 Stunning 19th Century Swept Hilt Long Saxon Rapier, With Gilt Bronze Hilt
A beautiful sword in the manner of a Royal Rapier, after master sword maker Juan Martinez of Toledo, maker to the King of Spain. A similar style sword was made for the Elector of Saxony in 1606 and sold by the Saxon Royal Collection in 1970, and is now in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The hilt is of chisseled gilded bronze with a long elegant and beautifully crafted blade [95cm long] gilded bron....

2,950 GBP Union Model 1850 Staff and field officer's sword
By Klingenthal. Blade back engraved
"Coulaux & Cie Klingenthal". Inspection marks on the ricasso.
Blade etched on both sides US and E Pluribus Unum. Condition very fine. Hilt
and guard have 99% of their original gold wash. Shagreen grip and wire are like
new. Steel scabbard with brass mounts are in excellent condition with all
original brown laquer finish. I have never seen....

Of slightly diminutive proportions, this fine sword is probably influenced by the moral reform and austerity which swept English culture at the end of the 17th century and survived longer in rural areas. The plain hilt is struck with four quartered marks in the inside shells. Three are indistinct, evidently as struck as the hilt is not worn. The cause probably was provincially produced stamps of i....

2950 USD M 1852 Naval Officer Sword - Super Rare Retailer
M 1852 Naval Officer Sword - Super Rare Retailer Shreve, Stanwood & Co of Boston. This is the only example I have seen of a Hoppe sword with this retailer.

££1950 English Basket Hilted Backsword Circa 1640

An English basket hilted backsword dating to the second quarter of the 17th century. The sword is in fair, clean condition, lightly pitted to the hilt, and somewhat more to the blade. The basket hilt is of early form with two central panels to the frontal guards and downward facing scalloped shell guards at the flanks. The pommel is of bun shape against which the three main converged guard ....

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£1950 1805 Royal Naval Officer´s Sword With Intriguing Very Rare Features
On first inspection one can see this fine historical sword appears to be a naval officer´s sword, from the era of Admiral Lord Nelson, of most regular form. However, once closer examined one can see the deluxe grip is not fish skin or ivory, but carved black ebony with multi-wire binding, and with careful visual handling [not visible by photograph unfortunately] one can see, within the now v....

£1,950.00 English Hanger
A 17th Century English Hanger, with slightly curved single serrated edged blade, double edged towards the point, cut with two fullers running along the back edge, and inset with brass makers mark, iron hilt with down-turned shell-guard, knuckle guard and flat pommel, antler grip.

££1950 English Civil War Period Silver Encrusted Hanger Circa 1650

A good English hanger dating to the middle part of the 17th century. The iron hilt consists of a half shell guard turned down and shaped at its outer edge and finished with two pierced crescent shaped features. This is attached to a sturdy cross bar which to the rear terminates in a downward turned flattened acorn shaped quillon and to the front extends upwards into a knuckle bow with a furt....

£1,950.00 Pair of Silver Mounted Pistols
A Clean Pair of Silver Mounted Flintlock Box-Lock Pistols by Archer of London, Circa 1800. With round turn-off cannon barrels, stamped below with London proofs, border engraved actions signed "e;ARCHER"e; on foliate scrolls and "e;LONDON"e; on the other, sliding trigger guard safety catches decorated with a flower on the bows, with flat sided aunt butts decorated with scrolling sil....

£1,950 English long flintlock sporting gun by Lemmon.
An English long flintlock sporting gun by Lemmon.

. An English long flintlock sporting gun by Lemmon. 76&157; overall, with a 60&157; ten bore, slightly swamped Barrel. Blade foresight, London proofmarks. Flat stepped engraved lockplates signed &#acute;Lemmon&#acute;. Swan neck cock, semi waterproof pan with roller on frizzen spring. Walnut halfstock with horn fore end, chequered at wrist with....

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£1950 Simply Stunning London Silver Hilted Sword of 1766, With Silver Scabbard
Superbly crafted solid London silver hilt, hallmarked to 1766, with open pierced work shell guards, multiwire silver grip, pierced silver oviod pommel, single knuckle bow, single quillon and pas dans. Remarkably in it´s original vellum and silver mounted scabbard. The whole design of the relief décor is based around military stands of arms, classical helmets, cannon flags banners, spear....

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£1945 Fabulous George IIIrd, Presentation Quality Sword Belt
Complete with mint condition, mecurial gilt lion mask adornment plaques, and it´s serpent link lion´s mask buckle, all in the similar pattern to the belts supplied with the fabulous Lloyd´s Patriotic Fund swords. With it´s gold wire bullion belt, edged with black velvet over leather. With original sword hanging straps and sprung clip hooks. This is ideal for the owner of a ....

Unmarked but for a partial maker's stamp struck twice on the knuckle bow. Probably provincial or colonial English. The hilt decorated throughout with broad lush scrolling foliage. Grip wrapped in twisted wire with silver ferrules top and bottom in the early fashion. Hilt shows minor wear from use. 31 1/2" triangular blade shows mottled medium gray patina with smooth glossy surface. Intriguing ....

This is a good example of the rapier as it served in Spain and its colonies in the early 18th century. It is a type equally suitable for civilian or military use. In the latter case, it would have served an officer. The base of the knuckle bow is pierced in the shape of a heart, probably a double entendre. The thick iron guard both balances the long blade and serves as protection against the broad....

Following the turbulent years of the Thirty Years War and the English Civil Wars, fencing for self-defense became a necessity for those who could afford training and quality weapons. It distinguished them from and advantaged them over street thugs. As well, it became the vehicle for settling differences, particularly matters of honor, among the elite and nobility. This sword with its slender thrus....

C.1770-80. Swords of this type served on both sides during the American Revolution. See Neumann 139.S for an identical example. The brass hilt with four slot guard and well modeled lion head pommel retains some gold overlay in protected areas.. The grip is wrapped with copper wire and band. The 26 3/4" curved broad and narrow fullered blade has a long false edge. Swords of this type were privately....

This sword armed a guard in northern Italy. It has an iron hilt based in form on examples produced in Brescia but shows provincial manufacture. The hilt is decorated throughout with parallel hatch lines, free flowing and in panels. The asymmetrical shell guards have particularly thick, broad edges with central diced diamonds, a popular Brescian motif. The bag shaped base to the quillon block, as w....

2900 USD M 1860 medical Staff - presented to Dr. McCandliss 110th OVI
M 1860 Staff - presented to Dr. McCandliss 110th OVI.

2900 USD M 1833 Enlisted Dragoon Saber dated 1837
M 1833 Dragoon Saber. Deep blade and inspector"s markings, excellent scabbard.

2900 USD M 1840 Medical Staff Sword -Blade ID - Arthur W. Taylor USA
M 1840 Medical Staff Sword - with etched blade identification to - Arthur W. Taylor U.S,A,.

2900 USD Federal Period Cavalry Officer Saber - Gill
Federal Period Cavalry Officer Saber - Gill

This sword represents, in silver, a style which became near universal for the period, most often in polished steel. Its elaborately pierced and studded hilt, which bears Paris hallmarks for 1798, is designed to dazzle in sun or candle light. The blade bears relatively simple decoration, embellished in gold, including a panel with a cabalistic inscription. It dates to the Directory period which pre....

Indian maiden pattern (1821 pattern, Peterson #69) with specific South Carolina theme. Fully modeled Indian Maiden pommel. The counter guard with the Indian maiden with bow and arrow is repeated in full figure. She holds a staff mounted by a Liberty cap, obscured by a palmetto. Behind, a stars & bars shield with a broad ribbon gracefully forming an X obscuring it. To the left, the American eag....

2850 USD Non Regulation - Scroll Hilt - Oregon Terr. Seal
Non Regualtion - "Scroll Hilt" - Gold wash blade - Oregon Territory Seal.

2850 USD M 1833 Dragoon Saber - Ames
Fine M 1833 Dragoon Saber - Ames

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£1895 Good, Non-Regulation Pattern British Sea Service Flintlock Pistol
Bearing many of the standard sea service pistol traits, such as the long elegant lines, the short eared brass butt cap, the ring neck cock and the brass tailed sideplate, but all with very slight variances, and the stock is a slightly lighter gauge. We believe it may likely be a British Merchant Navy service flintlock pistol, of the circa 1790´s. Fine walnut stock, good tight action, but wit....

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£1895 Solid Silver Hilted Small Sword By The King´s Sword Maker Cullum of London
Silver hallmarked hilt with plain wooden grip, ovoid pommel and single knuckle bow. It has it´s original scabbard throat mount but no leather remaining. This could be made to remake a scabbard. The guard is oviod with a left and right hand symmetrical gadroon pattern edging, and a steel disc strengthening mount on the underside. In the wars with France, fought in North America, officers of h....

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£1895 Absolute Beauty! A Mid 19th Century Ivory Handled Swordstick
Engraved blade with a Latin motto Defensio non Provocatio [In Defense not Provocation] and the name of the gentleman to whom it was supposedly given, Philip Cook, who was a former US Congressman. The handle is in the sign-post form carved to somewhat resemble bamboo with a waisted carved belt . The collar and ferrule are silvered copper and the mallacca haft stunningly lacquered. The blade is sing....

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£1895 English Transitional Sword Circa 1640
with blade of flattened hexagonal section stamped ´Sabastian´ and ´Hernandez´ between a series of decorative marks on the respective faces within a short fuller, steel hilt, single sidebar with moulded quillon, knuckleguard interrupted by a moulding en suite with the quillon, fluted pommel, and the grip with multi wire binding. 32in blade There are swordsmiths called Sebast....

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£1895 1796 Heavy Cavalry Officers Sword, Broadsword Blade, Steel Combat Scabbard
With it´s original, very rarely surviving Georgian officer knot of soft fringed braid like tassels of silk and gold thread. Also one of it´s original leather belt straps. A very good example of these most desirable of Georgian Swords used by an Officer in the Heavy Cavalry [with a combination, dress hilt and combat broadsword blade and original combat scabbard]. Traditional ´Boat....

££1875 Venetian Schiavona Dating to the Early 18th Century

A good example of a Venetian Schiavona dating to the early 18th century. The hilt is a typical representation of the distinctive design of the Schiavona guard, in good condition, without cracks or repairs.
The hilt consists of a complex trellis of delicately formed flattened bars with rounded and well finished edges. The rear quillon terminates in a globular finial and a loop thumb guar....

This sword represents the rapier as it was used in Spain and her colonies in 18th century. It is, in fact, the final form of the rapier which, by this time had been replaced by the small-sword in the rest of Europe. It is a form of the cup-hilt with a solid "melon slice" form guard which extends to form the knuckle bow. The blade is earlier and signed JOHANNES BRACH. That signature was popular amo....

2,800.00 USD FRENCH SMALLSWORD C.1700-20
Gilt copper hilt with symmetrical shell guards and large ring arms. The hilt is decorated in scrolls, foliage and high relief flower buds all with gold overlay virtually complete on stippled copper ground. The grip is finely wrapped in copper wire and band as counterpoint. The 28 1/2" colichemarde blade is decorated in foliage, military arms display, lattice panels and a central device of baroque ....

2800 USD Horster, Civil War Non-Reg. Cavalry Officer
  Horster, Civil War Non-Reg. Cavalry Officer

2800 USD Ivory grip Eagle hilt, blue, white & gold blade
 Tri - color blade. Engraved brass scabbard, ivory grip

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£1865 1796 Heavy Cavalry Officers Boat Shaped Hilt Broadsword
A very good example of these most desirable of Georgian Swords used by an Officer in the Heavy Cavalry [dress]. Traditional ´Boat Shaped hilt´ in very good order, multi wire bound grip, double edge broadsword blade, copper gilt mounted leather scabbard. The form of officer´s sword used by the Scots Greys Regt. The Scots Greys, as part of the Union Brigade [so called as it was mad....

££1850 Scottish Silver Mounted Dirk dating to the middle of the 18th century

A good quality Scottish silver mounted dirk with original scabbard dating to the middle part of the 18th century. The grip is formed from dark, age-coloured, bog oak. The middle section is boldly carved with the usual three bands of Celtic interlace interspaced with raised studs.  A band of interlace is also present around the pommel beneath the cap. The area between the haunches is carved ....

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