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2800 USD Ivory grip Eagle hilt, blue, white & gold blade
 Tri - color blade. Engraved brass scabbard, ivory grip

2800 USD Sauerbier Brass hilt Non-regulation, Pewter grip
 Seldom seen pattern by Sauerbier

2800 USD Horster, Civil War Non-Reg. Cavalry Officer
  Horster, Civil War Non-Reg. Cavalry Officer

2800 USD Ames Mfg. Co. Militia officer, Knights head, MOP
Needle etched Ames address

£1,600.00 RARE HUNGARIAN or POLISH SABRE CIRCA 1700. Ref 5812
We can send any item overseas. We accept payment by debit card, credit card, or direct bank transfer and make no extra charge for paying by debit or credit card when you pay online using the World-Pay payment gateway. It is simple and very easy to use and prot....

£1,595 A model 1836 pistol by R.Johnston
A model 1836 military pistol by Robert Johnson 14 ¼" overall. 8 1/2" round 54 calibre barrel with ’US’ & ’JH’ at the breech, flat lock plate with rounded tail, ring neck cock, brass frizzen stamped ’US R Johnson’ marked ’MIDD CON 1838’ with regulation mounts comprising domed but cap, trigger guard, barrel band side plate. Walnut half stock with ....

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£1595 Good Antique George IIIrd Flintlock Holster Pistol by Wheeler of London.
Walnut stock with fabulous age patina, with slab-sided grips, all brass furniture and trigger guard with acorn finial. Two stage octagonal to round steel barrel with silver X foresight. A very nice officer´s and gentleman´s flintlock pistol from the 1790´s into the Napoleonic Wars period. The Napoleonic Wars (1803

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£1595 Superb German Naval ´Superior´ Officer´s Kriegsmarine Sword
With carved ivory hilt and nearly all of it´s gilding remaining. With a duluxe honour grade blade, fully etched and decorated decorated with German sailing ships, battle ships and naval devices [anchors etc]. Lion´s head pommel with the scarce type of ´fold back´ outer guard [for comfort of wear]. Overall in very good condition indeed, and a rare and most desirable sword, u....

£1,595 New Stock A presentation Heavy Cavalry Officers sword. 3rd Kings Own Hussars.
A presentation Heavy Cavalry Officers sword. 3rd Kings Own Hussars. 41” overall, 34 1/2” straight spear pointed blade with broad fuller, etched with Kings Own Hussars badge and battle honours, Dettingen to Goojerat. With owners family crest and “H.C Chaworth-Musters B Squadron 3rd K.O. Hussars” and on the obverse crowned ‘V.R', royal coats of arms, family coat of arms and “Presente....

£1,595 New Stock A William III English Officer’s brass hilted Walloon sword

£1,595 A New Land Flintlock Pistol
A New Land Flintlock Pistol

£1,595 A Scottish Basket hilted 1828 Officer’s Sword Was £1795 Now £1595
A Scottish Basket hilted 1828 Officer’s Sword Was £1795 Now £1595

£1590  Scottish Military Basket Hilted Backsword dating to the first half of the 18th century

This is one of two swords found in a cellar at Mallow Castle located in Mallow, County Cork, Ireland. Both swords were offered for sale in early 2011. The swords are interesting because the commonality in style of hilt construction would indicate that both were made by the same man, though one hilt is slightly lighter in weight than the other, in line with achieving a balance with its slight....

2,750 GBP British cavalry officer's engraved mameluke sabre
by Hawkes, Moseley & Co.,Manufacturers to
the Queen who operated from 14 Piccadilly between 1821and 1852. Together with
the style of engraving on the blade and the dip in the scabbard throat this
suggests that the sword was made sometime between 1837 and 1845.

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£1580 1845 British Sword Presented By General Power to J.P Boyd of the 63rd
Regiment. Made by Wilkinson Sword Co. Mercurial gilt hilt in all brass scabbard. Deluxe presentation blade with Queen Victoria´s cypher, full embellishment of scrolls and crowns, and a charming presentation inscription, within the etching, from General Power to his Godson, Lt Boyd of the 63rd Foot. This sword has just returned from two days in the cleaning workshop. Ensign Boyd served in the....

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£1575 Signally Fine, 18th Century, Pierced Black Steel Small Sword
The pierced steel guard is simply spectacular in it´s minute detail. The blade is engraved with exceptional and unusula depth and the patterning and design are most attractive. The forte of the blade bears a Latin motto on both sides. A most beautiful sword made from the 7 years War, known as the French Indian Wars in Europe and America, and into the American War of Independence in the 1770&....

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£1575 Delightful 18th Century Flintlock Long Holster Pistol, Circa 1750
Octagonal long eared butt cap in brass, with a matching suite of brass furniture, including pear finial sideplate, tubular barrel pipes, and bevelled banana shaped lock plate. 9.6 inch barrel with silver crescent blade foresight. Fine walnut stock and good tight working action. Probably Prussian. Overall around 17 inches long.

£1,550.00 Miniature Pistol
New item

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£1550 Very Fine Ivory Hilted Hunting Sword As Used By Senior Naval Officers
in the 17th and 18th centuries. Spiral carved ivory hilt and, traditionally of the time, stained green. The mounts are solid hallmarked silver and the blade very finely engraved. An almost identical sword was once the property of the famous explorer of the seas Captain Cook, and another was once carried by General Wolfe of Quebec. The picture in the gallery is of those two officer´s swords.....

£1,550.00 Rare Indian sword with a bronze hilt and Tigers head Pommel. Curved blade with a very interesting circular cartouche. Ref 7330.
A rare Indian sword with a bronze hilt and Tigers head Pommel. Curved blade with a very interesting circular cartouche, (please see photo|). Overall length 35 inches. The bronze hilt engraved overall. Reasonably good untouched condition, some minor signs of use. Our ref 7330. This item is an antique and is sold as a collectors item only.
We accept payment by UK debit card, international credi....

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£1550 Good WW2 Japanese Kai Gunto Naval Marines Officer´s Sword
With traditional gilt Koshirae, and a tang with naval anchor within a circle stamp. Very clean blade. A very nice example of these now highly collectable swords from the Japanese Navy and landing forces of WW2. kuro-nuri [black lacquer] saya sakura-decorated menuki, shin gunto obi-tori [saya hanging ring], kai gunto kabutogane ishizuke, shin gunto type wrap. In the late 1920s the navy began to fo....

£1,550 New Stock An Irish Bank pistol by Rigby
An Irish Bank pistol by Rigby 15” overall, 9” round barrel with flat rib on top, crown over P proof mark engraved ‘Dublin' with an Irish census mark, carbine bore.
Stepped flat lockplate signed W & J Rigby, throat hole cock, semi-waterproof pan, roller on frizzen spring, narrow butt. Regulation type mounts with brass butt cap, trigger guard, side cups, brass fore-end and single ramr....

$2695 USD ="text-align:left; "> Italian Town Sword, Rapier, ca. 1640

Iron hilt featuring straight quillons with acorn finials
chiseled with foliate design. Knucklebow with triple central knob, screwed to
the chiseled ovoid pommel. Long chiseled quillon block, single side ring with
central triple knob feature (old brazed repair), matching the knucklebow. Wood
grip with twisted copper wire wrap and turks heads. Narrow 37" oval-section
blade ....

$2695 USD Scarce Nathan Starr 1798 Contract Cavalry Saber
The Starr cavalry saber of 1798 was the first sword made under
US contract following the Revolution, making it the first official US sword. The
contract was for only 2000 swords, so this is the rarest of the rare for
American military swords. Hilt is iron with stirrup guard and integral backstrap,
as typical of European cavalry swords of the period. The two-piece wood grip
(loose and lac....

2000 Euro Restoration period hunting hanger
Hunting dagger has iron mounts with the crossguard representing 2 boars heads, rhino horn grip, top mount of the scabbard engraved and signed by VERDIER rue de Richelieu à Paris, blade has remnants of blue and gilding and is partially worn and pitted

2650 USD German Silver -Presented to Lt. Remington RI
   Non Reg - German Silver - Presented to Lt. Daniel Remington, RI 5th Heavy Artillery, 7th RI Infantry

2650 USD M1850 Foot Officer by Sauerbier or Emerson & Silver
 Blade dated 1862 in Collins fashion - US in guard

2650 USD M 1850 Foot Officer Sword - Gutta Percha Grip
M 1850 Foot Officer Sword - Scarce example of the Gutta Percha Grip Trials. Schuyler, Hartley and Graham.

2650 USD Emerson&Silver M1850 Staff & Field-Rare all steel scabbard
M 1850 Staff & Field - Rare all steel scabbard. Very rare mounted Staff Officer field grade sword.Mint etched blade.

2645 USD Eagle hilt -bone grip, Brass engraved scabbard
Finely detailed Eagle with Wide Open beak, Claw quillon, Diamond shaped blade. 15 stars on shield and above the eagle.

£1,500.00 very attractive silver mounted Balkan Flintlock pistol of good length, made around 1740-1790. Ref 7658
A very attractive silver mounted Balkan Flintlock pistol of good length, made around 1740-1790. Silver mounts fully chased and engraved. The forend and barrel half covered in sheet silver. The silver mounts also cover the butt-cap. Steel trigger guard. Action complete and in good working order. Overall length approx 20.5 inches. This is a very good looking and fine quality Flintlock pistol, much l....

£1,500.00 Light Dragoon
New item, description to follow shortly

2,600 GBP very unusual 1788 pattern light cavalry sabre with a reticulated guard and a decorated ivory grip.
The reticulation can be folded so as to comply
with the pattern. The blade is approx 90 cms long (longer than usual) and
carries blue and gilt decoration for one third of its length that has
survived only in the smaller of the two fullers. Possibly unique.

2,600 GBP beautifully worked French Smallsword circa 1760.
The guard and pommel are pierced steel. The
grip is spirally fluted plaited wire. The blade is of flattened hexagonal
section adorned with a couplet and foliate scroll work. The leather scabbard
has an iron locket, chape and middle band all etched en suite with the blade.
Leather probably a replacement. The couplet reads: 'Ne me tire pas sans
raisons. Ne me remette point sans honneur....

$2,800.00 CAD SPANISH CAVALRY SWORD: Circa 1770-1780.
SPANISH CAVALRY SWORD: Circa 1770-1780. 36” plain blade, 1
1/2” wide of classic Spanish style for military swords. Dark patina overall. Traditional style hilt and copper wire grip. The crossguard bears the maker’s stamp of a Crown over “Z” and a Crown over an “E”. This is probably Eusebio de Zuloggo of Madrid. An example virtually identical is il....

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£1495 Victorian Royal Engineers Sword As Used by Lt. Chard of Rorke´s Drift Fame
This is a truly exceptional example of the pierced brass guard sword used by officers of the Royal Engineers during the time of the Zulu War in Africa in 1879. Lt John Chard VC is shown, standing, in uniform with his very same sword of the same pattern and type. This sword has a superbly deluxe etched blade with the monogramme of the officer to whom it it once belonged, in stunning condition. Made....

£1,495 New Stock A Dublin Castle Militia pistol
A Dublin Castle Militia pistol 14 ¾” overall, 9” round barrel with crown over V proof mark, flat border engraved lockplate with Dublin Castle on the tail and crowned GR. Border engraved cock, walnut full stock with chequered butt, brass butt cap, brass trigger guard, single side nail, barrel retained by slides, 2 brass ramrod pipes and brass tipped ramrod
. C1790
Tired condition, lacking ma....

£1,495 New Land Pattern Pistol.
A New Land Pattern Pistol.

£1,495 New Stock An 1827 Naval sword
An 1827 Naval sword. 36” overall with 31” straight fullered blade of Wilkinson type. Engraved with crowned fouled anchor and foliage and ‘P&S FIRMIN 153 SRAND & 13 CONDUIT STREET LONDON' to one side, the other with foliage and royal coat of arms and proof mark to forte. Solid gilt half basket with crowned fouled anchor, folding side guard lions head pommel, the backstrap with ful....

£1,495 A pair of flintlock pocket pistols by Wheeler
A pair of flintlock pocket pistols by Wheeler

£1,495 New Stock An infantry officers 1845-54 pattern sword
An infantry officers 1845-54 pattern sword; 38 1/2” long, 33” single fullered blade, etched on both sides with crowned ‘VR' and scrolling foliage and at the forte Prince of Wales feathers and ‘Henry Wilkinson, Pall Mall, London'. Unnumbered blade, gilt brass gothic hilt with crowned ‘VR'. Stepped pommel with milled edges. Scrolling acanthus backstrap, black fishskin grip with....

£1,495 New Stock A 17 88 pattern Heavy Cavalry Trooper’s sword

£1,495 New Stock A Scottish militia basket hilted sword.
A Scottish militia basket hilted sword. 37” overall, 31” double edged blade with single narrow fuller and two narrow fullers on the forte, stamped ‘A&A.S'. Birmingham made 1798 style steel hilt comprising bars, rings and five panels. Turned wooden grip, fluted domed pommel. Blade made by August and Albert Schnitzler.
Made for a yet unidentified militia, copying the 1798 officers pat....

1495GBP 1921p RAF Senior Officers Sword
Go to www.evenstarswords.co.uk for details.

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£1475 George IIIrd Carved Ivory Dog´s Head ´Blue and Gilt´ Bladed Sword Stick
A most beautiful carved ivory dog´s head with glass bead eyes. An elegant wedge shaped, single edged, blue and gilt blade. Good bamboo haft with a very nice amber patina. This very charming fine and elegant stick has spent two whole days [with no expense spared] in our conservator´s workshop, removing paint splatters to the hilt, and attending to the bamboo finish. It now looks just as....

ITALIAN SCHIAVONA: Late 17th Century, 37 inch blade. An inscription is engraved on the blade. It is very faint but can be made out with close examination. The left side reads "NO ME SAQUES SIN RAISON" (DRAW ME NOT WITHOUT REASON). The right side reads "NO ME ENBAINES SIN HONOR" (SHEATH ME NOT WITHOUT HONOUR).,
this is Spanish, not Italian. The blade is Spanish, with 3 ....

2550 USD Sauerbier M1850 Foot w/ Flag engraving, Union & eagles
 A finely detailed Sauerbier with etched flags, union motto, Eagles and a US. It also has a seldom seen sharkskin grip

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£1465 Exceptionally Fine 1796 Light Infantry Officer´s Sword, Deluxe Etched Blade
Blued steel hilt with it´s original blued steel and leather scabbard. The blade is deluxe etched with scrolls, a stand of arms and lances and topped with with an army shako helmet, and to the reverse, further fancy scolls, ancanthus leaf branches and the allegorical winged figure of Victory. Prior to the 1803 Pattern sword, the British Light Infantry regiment´s officers of the 95th, 60....

£1,450.00 * * * * A Napoleonic period British 1796 Cavalry troopers sabre, complete in its original steel scabbard with regimental markings. Ref 7843
A good Waterloo period British 1796 pattern Cavalry troopers sabre, dating from the time of the Napoleonic campaigns, complete in its original steel scabbard. This sword has some very interesting regimental markings on the Scabbard "95, B 16." Wide curved blade, leather bound grip (grip wire missing). Overall length 38 inches in scabbard. Reasonably good untouched condition, some minor....

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£1450 Most Rare King Charles Ist Hunting Sword, Scabbard and Baldric
1640´s all steel hunting swords are pretty rare, but to have it´s original scabbard and baldric is exceptionaly rare. This is the form of sword that was highly desirable in it´s day as it´s length made it extremely useful in all manner of uses, from hunting wild boar to use as a senior officer´s naval cutlass. There are numerous portraits of British Admirals from the ....

Currently showing 451 to 500 of 1195 items.

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